Friday, July 29, 2005

What to Do, What to Do?

With the trading deadline mere days away, Indians' fans still seem to be on the fence about whether to be a buyer or a seller. The Indians, though, apparently have no such reservations. Shapiro told Kenny Roda (that awful hack who, somehow, broadcasts in afternoon drive on the only all-sports station in Cleveland) that the Tribe is definitely on the "Buyer" section of the ledger.

I love this organizational statement, but I don't think that there is one player (who is going to be available) that's going to join this team before the Yankees series. All the critics say, "Dolan won't spend money to go get a RH bat that can produce runs". Folks, if it was that easy, wouldn't most teams in the playoff chase just go down their grocery list and check off needs. The Yankees (the team with no limitations...and no prospects) just made the HUGE acquisition of Shawn Chacon to remedy their starting pitching woes. And people complain about Let's Hear It For Dubois not being a big name.

The trade that I think will be more likely is the Indians, dealing from a strength (bullpen), trading to another team in contention, who will also deal from a strength (offense).

So, who are these teams? The obvious is Texas, who apparently would like Hafner, Sizemore, and The Stick for Gary Matthews (do you think Hart is afraid of another Giles for Rincon deal?). However, John Hart's hair plugs must be invading his gray matter with his recent counter-proposals, regardless of how awful their pitching is, so they're out. Other options include Florida, the Angels and the Mets. While Mike Cameron and Juan Encarnacion are both veteran RH bats that can play RF, I'm not sure that the Metropolitans or the Fish would be willing to part with them.

If I were Shapiro, I would dangle Arthur Rhodes (not to be confused with his half brother Dusty Rhodes), Jose Hernandez, and maybe a Billy Traber and see if anyone bites. Another piece that could go as part of a package would be Benny B. Broussard might be attractive to a team in need of a good defensive 1B who has some power (Boston).

Losing those four players would not register under the "Seller" side to the fans (who are terrified of seeing that White Flag), particularly if you can add a nice bat. Rhodes can be replaced by Riske taking the Art role. Then Betancourt, Miller (when he returns), and Cabrera can combine with Sauerbeck to keep the pen strong. Kasey Blake can move into the role of Hernandez, which hopefully will mean less AB's with runners in scoring position for the farmboy. And Traber seems to have fallen behind not only Davis and Tallet, but also Carmona in the pecking order at AAA , so he may become bait (maybe they should mail out video of his masterpiece against the Yankees a few years ago). Broussard would be expendable if the Tribe brass felt that Garko was ready (not bloody likely) or if they felt Jason Dubois could carry the load.

I've started to look at the FA list for after 2005 and the pickings are slim and none. More on that later.

Why have Gammons' articles gone to the ESPN Insider? Is it because he's a Hall of Famer? What a crock! A man who made his name as a baseball WRITER is now only available on TV or for a monetary fee. And while I'm on, why do they break up those long stories (re: Sports Guy) into multiple pages or make it more effort to make it a single page view. No, keep it on multi-page view, I love it. also listed 40 current players bound for the Hall. Of note, #14 The Baby Bull (plus this comment is great, "Prediction: Manny's Hall of Fame speech will be the shortest of all time.") and #39 Little O. Noticeably absent is the Thomenator, whose injuries may prevent from ultimately getting the numbers he needs. Had he only stayed and played DH until he hit his 600th, he would've seen #25 under #455 on the right pillars.

My computer illiterate mind figured out how to do links without listing the whole website's URL. Only took about 5 months to figure that out.

3 games out of the Wild Card with 59 games to go, 20 of which are against KC, Seattle, and TB.

All we need now is for Lou Brown to (magically and accurately) predict the number of wins needed to go to the playoffs and get a cut-out for the locker room, and it's on.


Cy Slapnicka said...

Sign the Apocalypse is upon us: "Another piece that could go as part of a package would be Benny B. Broussard might be attractive to a team in need of a good defensive 1B who has some power (Boston)."

I heard on ESPN this morning that the tribe is a seller and is dangling Millwood and Wicky. It wasn't until I heard that from a major news source that I became angry and didn't want them to give up, even though I've said it myself. In a related note, they had a ticker saying I could order Peter Gammons Pay Per View Package to hear about trade rumors for only $59.99!

Anonymous said...

If Millwood does go for someone to help us, it better not be to the yankees. I don't want them to trade him anymore though. We can make a run