Monday, August 01, 2005

Bring on the Bombers

Assuming Pronk has a good rehab start in Akron tonight, he should be in Tuesday's lineup against Al Leiter and the Yankees. B-Phil was sent down to Buffalo to make room for the big North Dakotan today.

With Hafner's return, it will be interesting to see what Wedge does with the lineup. This is the way that I see the lineup shaking out:
CF - SuperSizemore
LF - Coco
DH - Pronko
C - The Stick
SS - Peralta
1B - Broussard
2B - Belliard
3B - Boone
RF - Dubois

I'm still at a loss for what to do with Broussard, but (unbelievably) he's suddenly the left handed bat to break up the right handers at the bottom of the lineup.

With the Yankees still hurting in the rotation, it's time for the Tribe to make a statement that they're in this Wild Card race for the long term. Taking the series from the Yanks would (finally) force the boys from Baseball Tonight to pay attention to the Tribe and their relevance in the Wild Card.

Hopefully, it will also drown out the inevitable thousands of Yankees fans who make their homes in Cleveland who will cheer on "their" team. You know, the one that they followed through the lean 80's and early 90s.
If you go to a game, challenge a "big Bombers fan" to name their shortstop before Jeter.
It was Tony Fernandez, whose double play partner in 1995 was the memorable Pat Kelly.

There is nothing in this world more infuriating than the fan who loves the Yankees/Bulls/Cowboys/Duke/Miami or any combination of random geographic teams only because they've "always been huge fans of those teams".

Raffy Palmiero's suspension is only surprising in that he got caught.

Here's a philosophical debate: Palmiero (allegedly) began taking steroids in 1992, when he met Jose Canseco in Texas. Through 1992, he had made $5,989,500 in his career with a career high in HRs of 26. Since then, he has made $80,306,496 for a career total of $86,295,996.

If you could make that much money by breaking the rules, never have to give back the money, and only live with the humiliation IF you got caught, would you take steroids?

Get down to the Jake for the Yankees series so I am not alone.


Cy Slapnicka said...

before i answer, i have two questions:

how small would my balls shrink and how much does viagra cost?

Anonymous said...

technically, most of those years he wasn't breaking the rules because there were no rules. he is an idiot for getting caught now...after going to the hearing and appearing in jose's book...i think the o's can be officially crossed off the wild-card list after losing 14 of 16 culminated by a brutal sweep by the south side jerks

Anonymous said...

- i'd rather have the 3-4-5 go vic, haf, jhon.

- after going 5-18 in the regular season, my coed team of course had to win our play-in game for the playoffs and now has a double header on thursday, the game i had tickets for this series.

- raffy is amazing. i like how baseball waited until after a) he got his 3000/500 and b) HOF ceremonies in which Ryno blasted steroid users. they said he took the test over a month ago.

- PC, how about your danica friend? also, if you're at work, DO NOT click on that link she has. trust me.

Anonymous said...

and if anyone hears anythign further about how much longer Pronk will be out, please share.

Rockdawg said...

Are the A's going to lose? All this playoff talk is worthless if the A's don't hit a skid soon. They beat Santana last night, 2-1. These guys are really pissing me off. HAMMER LEITER TONIGHT!!!

Anonymous said...

as we learned last year with mr. lee, young pitchers will burn out when the season keeps going past what their used to...and zito can't pitch every night. can't wait to finally get to watch a game tomorrow night...hopefully a 5 run lead will hold up tonight

Cy Slapnicka said...

barely. gotta like coco's effort at the wall.

Cy Slapnicka said...

I really, really like the signing of Boone for next year with a mutual option for 2007. i know i called him rally killer earlier this year (he was), but i also said i'd throw out his first half stats.

PC, nice work this week. Did you take a bath in chicken blood? Did you have a little talk with Jobu? "I believe in you, I take up for you. I say F#&@ YOU Jobu, I do this by myself".

By the way, there is a great link from the SG Intern on Tuesday about BSing on the field. Very good stuff. Who wouldn't buy Sean Casey's book?