Saturday, May 13, 2006


5 losses in a row, the Tribe dropping to 4th place in the Central, and it rained all day on a Saturday - so I need somebody to be my whipping-boy:

As if I hadn’t had enough already, I’m now starting a full-blown campaign to end the Aaron Boone Era at 3B. If he’s a “great character guy”, fine - let him be the utility IF to keep him in the clubhouse. Another 0-fer and an error tonight is enough for me.

What did that bleach blond Sinead O’Connor look-alike used to say on infomercials? STOP THE INSANITY!

Weak pop-ups and flailing strikeouts on balls down and away are almost expected when he comes to the plate. Now, with his defense being a liability (a team-leading 6 errors), what exactly is Boone contributing to the ballclub? Not much.

I’m no longer just upset about Boone’s daily insertion into the lineup; it disgusts me.

I’m waiting for Andy Marte to step to the plate to The Killers “Andy, You’re a Star”. Whether he ever becomes one or not, I’ll be the one cheering – mainly because it meens that his introduction at the Jake means that I don’t need to be exposed to Aaron Boone on a daily basis.

If you need some good news with the Tribe looking for traction on this slippery slope (because I do), here we go:

  • LeBron messed around…got a triple double, and put the Cavs on his back to take a game from the Pistons.
  • Jeremy Sowers went 7 innings in Buffalo, giving up 1 run to give him updated numbers of 5-1 and a 1.21 ERA.

If Jason Johnson struggles again tomorrow, it’s Sowers time.

Ugh, the anticipation of another Johnson lemon tomorrow has put me in a bad mood again.

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t-bone said...

watching this barker's perfect game. i know danny ainge had a cup of tea in the majors with the blue jays... but he was the starting 3B for toronto that night! crazy.