Thursday, September 14, 2006

View from the Mezzanine

About 7,500 at the game last night, with an interesting end to the night.

After Betancourt gave up the HR to make it 6-2, I exited stage left. Walking towards Bolivar and the car, I ran into a posse of some meatheads, in crazy outfits, on their way into the Jake from the Thirsty Parrot. Assuming that the costumes were part of some Fraternity Hazing, I averted my eyes and walked away.

As if I was that skinny freshman once more, one of the guys yelled to me, “Hey, buddy…where you going? Game’s not over!” As the testosterone level in the group far outweighed what I was bringing to the party, I quietly walked away as the catcalls persisted.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this picture in the PD with the accompanying caption:

A few of the Minnesota Twins' rookies were on hand to witness the Indians' loss to the Royals last night. They were dressed up in costumes as part of a hazing ritual new players generally endure at the end of each season.

So, essentially, the Twins’ rookies were half-in-the-bag, walking from the Thirsty Parrot to the Home Run Porch when they spotted yours truly. Had I known it was them, I obviously would have asked them where Francisco Liriano was…then ran like hell.

A couple of thoughts about the game:
If the Indians are serious about improving their infield defense, there’s no way that Hector Luna can be on this team next year. He has zero range and, even when the play involves him, seems to sleepwalk through innings. With groundball pitchers like Westbrook and Byrd on the staff, Luna is a liability that cannot be tolerated. As bad as he is as a 2B, he’s worse at SS. If he's a Utility IF next year, it may be the first time a Utility IF is the worst IF on the roster.

With the powers-that-be at the Jake (or Eaton Jo-Ann, or whatever) likely to keep the whole “Betancourt Is In Session” going when Rocky comes in, let’s go all the way. I like the graphic they show on the JumboTron that shows Betancourt as a judge, complete with gavel in hand. But how about this scene to accompany his arrival from the bullpen?
A simple re-creation of the People’s Court wrap-up, with a Tribe fan walking out of the courtroom to a waiting Doug Llewelyn:
Llewelyn – Let’s get some feedback from the principals here…what happens now?
Tribe Fan (as the camera pans in) – Betancourt’s In Session.
If they could get Rusty the Bailiff to escort said Tribe fan out, all the better.

Was anyone else expecting this face to accompany the Twins' starter, Boof Bonser tonight?

Finally, a plea for the Sykestown Slugger, whose presence in the lineup has been greatly missed:

Pronk, Pronk! Wherefore art thou Pronk?

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Baltimoran said...

stayed up late to watch bill simmons on the Colbert Report. i hate to say it, but it was a terrible segment.