Friday, May 11, 2007

Late Night Lunacy

In an attempt to hang with the Tribe during a night game on the West Coast, it’s time to see what the High Life has wrought and put the pen to paper on the peripherals of the ballgame:
It’s time for Casey Blake to decide what direction this facial hair thing is going to go. Is he going to stick with the Sonny Crockett look or is there a Dan Foutsian beard in our future.
On the topic of facial hair, does anyone know how I can contact Nick Swisher to let him know how much I enjoy him in those Geico commercials?
For all of the talk about how the Indians “gave away” Milton Bradley every time the Tribe faces the Game Boy, did you know that identifies the illustrious Gabe Kapler as the player most comparable to Bradley, in terms of career performance. That’s the same Gabe Kapler who retired last December. Maybe being cartoonishly muscular for those K-Swiss commercials caught up with Kapler.

Looking at Milton, by the way, I have to wonder if Bradley is following the old Kapler training regimen. Bradley is noticeably thicker and there’s no way he’s the 190 lbs. that he’s listed as. He is in the Bay Area…he is likely frustrated with being injured…it’s just strange, that’s all.
Watching the A’s tonight reminded me how much I dislike the two-color hats (bill in a different color than the hat) that they wear. I think that only the A’s, Braves, and Tribe have their primary hat as the two-color hat. Eventually, I’d LOVE to see the Tribe go all blue, all the time…but that’s as likely as Chief Wahoo getting larger, rather than smaller.
While the recent stagnant offense and shoddy play is (hopefully) just a bump in the road, remember if the team can go 5-5 on the road trip, they did pretty well.

After a 5 run 7th for the A’s that blew the doors off of this game, it’s time to go to bed.

The DiaperTribe will likely be up in about 6 hours.

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t-bone said...

a) i recently read that gabe kapler is being groomed to be the next bosox manager, and is starting this season managing in rookie or A ball.

b) we'll have to agree to disagree on the "two-color hats."

c) i'd be lying if i thought we'd have only lost two series at this point. hopefully we can get one of these next two and regroup at home.

d) in preparation for next weekend, I HATE CINCITUCKY!