Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yo, Brodzoski!

A certain sense of obligation has driven me to provide a screenshot of something that was referenced here in the latest installment of Lazy Sunday. The set-up for this is that a link was provided to Paul Hoynes’ “Sunday Notes” column in the PD with the first reader comment posted being shown below:
The obligation to post this comes from the knowledge that, for some reason, won’t have the link or the page up forever as they “archive” their content – making it available…for a price.

Now, let’s all get past the inane idea that the Indians would somehow be better if what (I think) this person is suggesting would come to pass. Replacing Joe Borowski on the roster with Scott Elarton will not happen and nor should the thought even be entertained by any rational person.

But like I said, let’s look past that. And I’m not even that thrown off by the misspellings, despite all three players’ names being butchered, as they happen to all of us and Spell-Check can only take you so far (the suggestion for Elarton from Spell-Check is Elation) in any endeavor in writing.

No, my favorite part of this missive is that the author misspelled Borowski’s name drastically, somehow realized this and decided to identify who was being referred to by pointing out Borowski’s role on the team. However, instead of (The Closer) it became simply (The Close). So, in case you couldn’t figure out that Brodzoski was Borowski, perhaps (The Close) would clear it up for you.

As serial poster R.M. Jennings points out, I think it’s fairly obvious that another name has been added to Borowski’s stable of nicknames. Throw Brodzoski (The Close) right on the pile with JoeBo and The Big Borowski and revel in the ineptitude that is the average poster.

By the way, if you see a guy wearing one of these two jerseys at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario this year, be sure to say hello to me.


Anonymous said...

That is truly awesome.

Voltaire said...

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

Cy Slapnicka said...

i love it. the sad part is, most of the comments on all articles typically involve this level of intelligence. parma and painsville must give out free internet access

however, i almost couldn't get past the inane idea that thinks they can charge for their awful content!

if i won't pay for peter gammons timely web content, i certainly won't pay for archived content from the likes of bill "the fat douche bag who coins his own nicknames" livingston and bud shaw.

Prof said...

They would have to pay ME to read those guys...

rick@waitingfornextyear said...

Certainly this commenter was one of those pesky 'blogger types' that write from the basement of their parents' house. You know, like the ones that Bob Costas hates.

Ron Vallo said...


I grew up (my teen years at least) in Parma and worked for a radio station in Painesville many, many years ago, so I'm offended by your remark.

Actually, having spent considerable time in both places, I know where your comment comes from.

Rockdawg said...

"The Close" is so good, it may stave off some of the hatred I have for J.B.

PTC, something is bizarre with my computer and it won't let me record audio. You may want to take my podcast link off for a little bit, as the show is on permanent hiatus until I get this fixed, which on a teacher's salary, may not be until next month. I'll let you know when the podcast is back up.

Cy, solid humor, keep it coming.