Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tomahawks with an Offensive Juggernaut

What should a struggling offensive team do to fix what ails them? Very simply, head to KC…as the Tribe tallied 24 runs in the first two games of the series to take their first series since the opening series against the ChiSox in Cleveland. With the DiaBride sitting in all of her “Casey Blake is a lot better than you think he is” glory, release the ‘Hawks:
Let me first give credit where it is certainly due as Casey Blake went 6 for 8 with 6 RBI in the first 2 games of the series after going 10 for 56 (.179) with 10 RBI in the 17 games leading up to them. Now, I’m not going to say that Lacey Cake has exactly proven that he’s worth everyday AB with 2 games (as we all know that he’s prone to these types of games followed by stretches of mediocrity), but I’m off his back for a while.
How wonderful was it to see our old aCCe back in the fold? Pounding the strike zone, throwing his slider with authority (who said he’s hurt?), and whiffing 11 during 6 dominant innings. Did he throw too many pitches (102 through 6 innings)? Probably, but if that’s what it takes for him to get back into the groove and get some confidence back in locating his fastball and mixing in his slider…throw away, Big Fella.
It looks as if Jeremy Sowers will actually be making the start on Saturday against the Yankees, a decision that was likely only made after last night’s rain out that prevents Fausto from making his scheduled start on Monday. So, we’ll have Sowers on Saturday and Laffey on Monday (both against NYY in the hopes that two fresh arms from Buffalo won’t overly tax a bullpen that plays two tonight in KC and won’t have an off day until May 5th.
Speaking of the bullpen, if you want an indication of which relievers The Atomic Wedgie is comfortable throwing in a tight game, look no further than last Sunday’s game, when only Masa Kobaysahi and the Fist of Iron (Perez) were used to relieve Byrd. Sure, Betancourt was up in case the team took the lead, but I didn’t see any other reliever even getting warm. Perez pitching two full innings (and eventually absorbing the loss) shows that Wedge has no faith in Lewis (he of the diminished velocity that still has to “ramp up” – bah), Julio, Mastny, or Breslow. Not having enough faith in nearly 60% of your bullpen to bring them in during a tight game does not bode well for the Tribe.

That progression of Perez, Masa, and Betancourt was further solidified in Game 1 of the doubleheader tonight as the game, particularly after Lewis was pulled after pitching only 2/3 of an inning in the 6th. I have no problem with Kobayashi moving up the ladder and Lewis moving down as their performances to date have dictated the flip-flop, but the Indians are going to need a 4th reliever to step up (as Perez, then Lewis did last year) if they’re going to be able to go any sort of distance in close games.
Heading down to 3 of the 4 games against those hated Yankees this weekend, so let us all remember why THAAAAA Yankees Suck!


rich77 said...

So you have any stats on what kind of record a ML pitcher has when he pitches on 1 or more of extra days rest? We have all seen the stats on how todays pitcher can't pitch with only 3 days instead of 4 days rest. What about the oppisite? Fasto struggled yesterday and wasn't as sharp as usual at all. I was wondering how the extra rest affected him or others. Keep up the good work, i love the site and try to read it everyday.

Les Savy Ferd said...

they certainly don't not suck. not even 20 years of Red Sox over-proliferation (may it never come to that) could wipe out the omnipresent hurricane of Yankee bluster in my college years.

The ultimate treachery my (more or less fictional, but I'm looking at you, mark in the Mail-room!) arch-enemy could do to me is steal a future child of mine and raise it by the name of Jeter. *shudders*