Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring Snapshots

With the “big news” of camp breaking that Andy Marte is on his way out of the organization (presumably) and the Indians have added another power arm to the 7th spot/Columbus pen in Juan Salas, who allegedly has a nice cut fastball but little else, it’s time for the second installment of “Goodyear in Pictures” here as Larry Jones of Lazy Lightning Media attended yesterday’s Indians’ practice and sent along more incredible photos. Getting some legalities situated, I should mention that these photos are copyrighted by Lazy Lightning Media, all rights reserved and since the photos have not been approved for publication by the Indians, any specific player, or MLB they are not for sale. If, however, you do want a larger image of any of these pictures (as these are all at small resolution) for any reason, just e-mail me and we can review what exactly can be done.

Now, taking my lawyer pants off, here are the photos with a teaser that Larry has more in process that sound pretty awesome and has asked if there’s any particular shot that anybody’s looking for, just to post it in the comments and he’ll do his best.

Without further ado, then, here are the pics:

Nice, right?
How great are those Grady ones?
Or Cliff and Kerry, the combination that figures to win multiple games on their own?

We’ll be looking for more soon from Larry, but for now (as we all call Purple Hearts to tell them that there is a #15 jersey ready for pick-up) remember that these are copyrighted by Lazy Lighting Media, all rights reserved.


Jason said...

One with a healthy Pronk smashing balls over the wall in right would be nice, but I'm not sure that your friend can produce that.

Thanks for posting these. They are fantastic!

CKTribe said...

Ask larry to take some good pics of some of the non roster young guys like


also some derosa in action would be cool.

haven't seen a lot from pd of them.
Pics are great Larry!

Unknown said...

Paul - great job lawya'in up!

Larry - those are great pics, although part of me still thinks the shots of Kerry Wood in Indians uniform are photoshop jobs!

Les Savy Ferd said...

Oh Fausto, how you beguile me. For my money, the single most intriguing figure on the team. That pic makes him look all kinds of powerful and is my favorite of a fantastic set. A healthy and effective Carmona will take a lot of real or imagined pressure off Lee. Think we can 10-15 Ws from him and an ERA hovering around 4?

My nomination for best fake lawyer firm? (from 30 Rock) Dewey, Cheatum & Howe.

and best fake layer name? (From the Simpsons) Tad Disingenuous

Bubbly said...

It looks like Fausto has something under his shirt, like that guy in Total Recall. What was that thing called? Kuato?

Spoons Fiddlesticks said...

Can we also assume that photos of you with your lawyer pants off are also not approved by the Indians or MLB and are not for sale?

Cy Slapnicka said...

The Baltimorian would like a picture of Grady with his pants off. Larry, make it happen!

cubs/tribe tix at wrigley on sale today!

The Porch said...

A picture of Grady kissing Pronk's shoulder would be nice. Maybe a pic of just Grady and Pronk kissing. Ask Larry to see what he can do.

Bob said...

Why trade for Salas (???)Do a sign and trade for Juan Cruz!!He's a stud and you wouldn't have to give up that much...Our pen was horrible last year and we're hoping some of those guys bounce back...pull the trigger...Most minor league prospects don't pan out anyway, Marte, Aubry, among many others..This would improve us to where we need to be.