Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pre-Winter Meetings Lazy Sunday

With the mercury falling, let’s take a quick look at a Lazy Sunday before the Christmas lights have to go up in sub-freezing temperatures:

Paul Hoynes has a nice synopsis of what the Tribe’s plans are for the Winter Meetings regarding a closer as well as reporting (as we said last week) that the Red Sox’s demands for Manny Ramirez are so steep that even the old clubhouse attendant that found $20,000 in Manny’s glove compartment would have to take pause.

Terry Pluto reports much the same on the Manny demands and implies that Carmona and Miller may be ready to help this season, allowing the Tribe to possibly move a Starting Pitcher.

Ken Rosenthal reports that Shapiro has fielded multiple calls asking about moving one of the starters and projects that Shapiro will only listen to offers for Westbrook that would fill multiple holes on the team. Rosenthal gives Seattle closer J.J. Putz as an example, but I would think more would come in return for a starter like Westbrook. I also don’t expect the Tribe to move a starter unless another starter is added to take their place. Allowing Carmona to start the season in the rotation would give the Indians two VERY young starters going into the season (with Sowers), something that is rare for a team with all intentions of contending from Day 1.

Lastly, on the Dellucci signing (which still isn't official), there was some disappointment that the Indians didn’t add a RH bat to protect Pronk in the lineup. But, prior to the Dellucci signing, the only LH assured of being in the lineup were Grady and Pronk.

Outside of Victor switch-hitting, everybody else is RH, so as nice as a big RH bat would be – the Dellucci signing gives some variance to the lineup, particularly if he fits in around the 6 spot in the lineup.

Winter Meetings start tomorrow, so look for that Hot Stove to really start blazing.


Baltimoran said...

feel your pain on the christmas decoration, i just spent 20 minutes tryin to staighten a bow on a wreath...that in my opinion was already straight.

i'm a little nervous going into the season without a proven closer, yet the 2 old free agents wouldn't excite me too much either (foulke or borowski). hopefully shapiro can come up with something or one of the young guys could step and do the opposite of carmona last year.

gotta go get a tree

Cy Slapnicka said...

Since nothing has happened yet in Florida, I figured I'd throw this out there.

What would you do if the Indians signed Barry Bonds to a one year contract? What if that signing led to a World Series title?

I know its not going to happen, but I thought about it when reading an article today. I think I'd have to break up with the Indians.