Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Snowy Sunday

Though I’m not sure whether the addition of a split-finger fastball just made Paul Byrd worth the $7M he’s making, but he first 2 appearances bode well for the rotation going forward if they can get solid starts from the back end of the rotation and Byrd.

It’s also very possible that Paul Byrd has been abducted in a manner reminiscent of The Last Starfighter and have replaced him with a Beta Unit android who is infinitely more effective than the actual Paul Byrd. I’m baffled by the effectiveness of the being wearing #36 thus far, so I’m just throwing it out there. I’m just saying…it’s possible.

Back to the matter at hand – there’s snow on the ground (again) and it’s Sunday. Cue the applause, kids, because it’s time for a Lazy Sunday!

Groundbreaking stuff from Sheldon Ocker, who (get this) thinks that early season games should be held in warm-weather cities or indoors! Welcome to the party, Sheldon. Most people came up with this conclusion a full week ago, and with much more reason and eloquence than you.

Terry Pluto examines Whiskey Sowers’ numbers since he came up and his numbers since the All-Star break of last year to now are awfully impressive.

Paul Hoynes mentions that the Indians have asked about acquiring deposed Astros’ closer Brad Lidge, though the Astros aren’t shopping their former stopper. It’s not a surprise and may lead to nothing, but it’s still nice to hear that Shapiro is just as uncertain about the effectiveness of the bullpen in the early season as we are. Lidge, or the Nationals’ Chad Cordero (who may get about 15 save opportunities for a historically bad team) or the Rangers’ Akinori Otsuka (now that Eric Gagne is off the DL) would all make the short list of experienced relievers that can fill the void created by Keith Foulke’s unexpected retirement.

You may be able add the Brewers’ Jose Capellan to the list, though he is certainly in a different stratosphere than the aforementioned relievers. It’s debatable that he would represent much of an upgrade, but expect Shapiro to be pro-active if things in the bullpen go wrong. He won’t simply fiddle while Rome burns this year.

Finally, here’s a fascinating look at the Jim Thome-Indians contract negotiations from Tony Lastoria. Be warned, however, if you still harbor resentment over Thome’s departure – this is not going to make your day.

After that, try not to throw anything at the TV when T-25 strides to the plate today.

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Jason said...

Spectacular "Last Starfighter" reference. I just found your blog, but intend to come back.

I'm happy that they are 6-3 despite winning ugly in the past week. I'll be happier when Martinez can play (hopefully today) and Hafner warms up a little bit.

Is there any way that Casey Blake can be back at first given how Garko has hit?