Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pie Me

As the Indians pull victory from the jaws of defeat, they’ve now won 6 straight, put the Mariners a little deeper in the hole, and keep the momentum going.

With Jason Michaels receiving the rally pie (not alone as Underwood and Manning got them in the STO booth simultaneously), it’s time for the out-of-towners (or those that don’t make it down to the Jake) to see the Rally Pie Video they show on the JumboTron.
Garko getting the pie when looking for the low-five is the highlight.

Much more coming on the hot streak and the way that this team is peaking at the right time, regaining their confidence and swagger (I know I can’t just keep posting a picture and 3 lines and keep everyone happy); so stay tuned.


Cy Slapnicka said...

you could post a picture of the diapertribe's dirty diaper and i'd still be happy at this point.

Cy Slapnicka said...

um, did anyone else just decide to do this to one of their friends? um baltimorian, i'm looking in your direction. perhap to a primate friend of ours?

Jason said...

Thanks for the link to the video. Its nice to have a little bit of the Jake down here in North Carolina.

t-bone said...

Don't see them anywhere on the online store, but they are also selling Rally Pie paraphernalia as well at the Jake (and have been for a few months). Should we continue this pace, we'll get more national attention (hopefully), and the rally pie will be the new rally monkey.

Cy Slapnicka said...

that is funny, the first thing that came to my mind when i saw the end of the video was getting a shirt made with a rally pie on it. looks like i can simply pick one up this weekend at the jake.

i personally like it being just ours. i'd rather let everyone else watch sox/yankees updates while we are quietly making noise.

in other news, pluto officially starts at the PD this weekend. I'm glad I'll be in town to read the real thing and get ink on my fingers. He's having a chat today. I really hope they give him Livingston and Shaw's spot along the left side.

t-bone said...

I would try setting up a DiaTribe meeting of the minds at some point this weekend, but I'm trading places with the ChiSox and heading there. Cubs/Astros tomorrow from what I've been told are close to "Bartman seats."

I'll make sure wherever I am the rest of the weekend though I'm watching the beatdown of Ozzie's Underachievers.

Cy Slapnicka said...

Someone told me that Matt Underwood got rally pied last night

Paul Cousineau said...

"not alone as Underwood and Manning got them in the STO booth simultaneously"

It's in the post, Cy.
I write 5 sentences and all you want to do is go to YouTube.

Unknown said...

Great video! However, they should update it to include Kenny getting absolutely *blasted* (by a pie, not alcohol) after his first game back this year.