Sunday, July 06, 2008

Done Deal

According to Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the deal is done. LaPorta is the centerpiece with two minor-leaguers not named Escobar or Gamel.

Much more on this as it comes and a whole lot of thought and analysis as details emerge, but this looks to be it.


t-bone said...

Another sad, yet inevitable day in the life of us friends of the feather. All the best to you with the Brew Crew CC!

Baltimoran said...

this sucks...i also hope he tears it up for the brewers and i will watch his starts as the tribe is depressing me and i already spent the damn money for extra innings.

Anonymous said...

Misery over. Stoked about '09.


Paul Cousineau said...

This is a sad day, but I think I've been mentally preparing myself for this day for a few weeks now and know that the move is, in the long run, best for the team.

Certainly not how we thought 2008 would look over July 4th weekend, but I'm with tyler.

Courage, boys.

Halifax said...

Now, if they can just deal Peralta to the Dodgers and still get Kemp.

LaPorta/Grady/Kemp would be a nic, powerful OF.

Hopefully, one of the prospects is a 3B, ten Cabrera at SS/Barfield at 2B and someone (Garko?) at first.

The Tribe will return next year. Actually, this is pretty exciting news.

We'll wait and see.

csusi said...

how long is it you think PC before we start seeing LaPorta and whoever else in the lineup.

Next dealing: Wedge

t-bone said...

csusi, from what i've seen on a few boards, if laporta stays on track he may get a call-up at some point next year, but dont expect to see him full time until 2010.

R.M. Jennings said...

Oh well. This guy looks interesting.

t-bone said...

click on the CastroTurf link to the right, he's got an "all about LaPorta" entry he put up... of note is "He's been compared to Lance Berkman."

Also, Gammons is now reporting during the Yanks/BoSox game that we're getting a fourth PTBNL in the deal as well.

Halifax said...

In addition to LaPorta, Taylor Green looks like he could be an asset. The pitchers, however, are a far cry from what they could've gotten in Lorenzo Cain or the shortstop Escobar.

All in all, they got two pretty good prospects who are above and beyond the picks CC would've brought in draft choices at year's end. Go read some of the Milwaukee fan posts if you want a clear picture of the situation. They are all ecstatic they're buyers instead of sellers, and most seem to think they stole CC from us because they kept the bulk of their studs. Most do say they'll miss LaPorta and Green, though.

Truth is, nobody knows how this will play out, and the jury will be out until we see how the prospects develop. As nice as Escobar would've been, the Tribe is solid at SS with Peralta and Cabrera, although hopefully we can ship Jhonny off to the Dodgers, even if only for Jonathan Broxton. I was hopeful the Tribe would at least get a closer-type or good starter back for CC. Who knows, maybe they did.

Halifax said...

Being a little disappointed in what came back, I have to give Shapiro the benefit of the doubt in that his scouts have been out there, they think LaPorta is that good, and the list of buyers was not that long. It's better than seeing CC walk at the end of the year and get two maybes in the draft (at which the Indians have not shown great skill).

We should sit back and see what else transpires before the deadline. I would guess Peralta, Blake, Betancourt and Garko (if he gets it going) could be moving on. Garko is very expendable, especially now with LaPorta coming on board, because of the Tribe's deep (if not great) collection of 1B/DH types in Hafner, Garko, Jordan Brown, Michael Aubrey, Stephen Head and Beau Mills. I even read one place that Shapiro mentioned he would even talk about Victor Martinez.

I still believe a bright future is on the horizon for the Indians. In 3B Wes Hodges, OF Nick Weglarz and 3B/1B/DH Mills they have three legit power prospects coming and it's nice to see Trevor Crowe having a good year at Akron. It's time to see if he can play.

Now, if Adam Miller could just saty healthy and Chuck Lofgren could step it up I'd feel better about the Indians future pitching situation. David Huff has been a nice surprise.