Sunday, May 02, 2010

Lazy Mayday Sunday

May is here, Paul is in Florida, and T-Bone is here for another sub-par Lazy Sunday. All signs for a "Mayday! Mayday!" distress call from you the reader. So without further adieu...

- After watching Droobs knock in the winning run in the 11th last night, those left in the ballpark took to the concourse to watch The King, Mo and crew take out the Celtics in Game 1 over at the Q.

- Those in the Tribe Social Deck, however, had the best of both worlds.

- In case you missed it, Hector Ambriz was activated off the 15-day DL Friday, called up and pitched a scoreless eighth in the loss to the Twinkies. Ambriz was a Rule 5 selection from the Diamondbacks, so he must stick around the rest of the season or be offered back to AZ for $25,000. Joe Smith and his 7.71 ERA through nine appearances was sent down to Columbus, although Manny Acta says not to read too much into the move.

- Those Twins new road uniforms are really sharp, aren't they? Love their home throwback as well.

- Kerry Wood will be starting his rehab assignment soon, and it looks like it will be in Akron.

- We should thank both Paul and Vince over at ’64 and Counting for giving Jhonny a kick in the pants. Over his last six games, JP is mashing (.435/.481/.783/1.264).

- More good stuff over at ’64 and Counting, as Vince touches on both the inaccuracy of the “Most-Hated Baseball Team" rankings along with the fact the Indians are among those teams considering giving their ballpark a facelift.

- Paul touched on him Thursday, but there’s more chatter out there for Jason Donald to get a call-up to the show sooner than later. Terry's Talkin' briefly touches on Donald while Tony Lastoria names him the Indians Prospect Insider Minor League Player of the Week.

- Pluto closes with two things that strike a chord with me. The first being Chris Perez not being allowed to talk after games (most recently running his mouth after losing on a squeeze bunt in Anaheim), the second being a grass-roots effort to get The Rock into the Hall of Fame. No, not Dwayne Johnson, but Rocky Colavito. I grew up in a house where Rocky was revered, so clicking through this site was time well spent, and I’ll definitely be putting in a call to my dad this afternoon to make sure he saw the site. Be sure to catch the Detroit Free Press interview with Colavito, published on the 50th anniversary of the infamous trade for Harvey Kuenn.

- I’ll conclude with a reminder for everyone to tune into Paul and Tony Lastoria’s weekly all-things-Tribe show, Smoke Signals, airing each and every Thursday evening on The Cleveland Fan Live. Since I can rarely catch the boys live, I bring the them along on “long run days” as I prep for the CLE Half Marathon. Thanks guys for making those long ones a little easier, and thanks to all of you for making it though this Paul-less Lazy one.


Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!! ........................................

gloria said...

Thanks for the compliment on our group's Rocky Colavito fan site and for supporting the campaign to get Rocky in the HOF. Between your blog mention and Terry Pluto's column Sunday, the numbers on the petition doubled in 3 days!

I hope your dad enjoys browsing through the website.