Saturday, April 06, 2013

A Lazy Sunday with the Season in Full Swing

Few things have pleased me as much over the last 6 months as seeing the way that this site has continued on since I’ve left here as Al has brought his expertise and writing talent into the fray to grow this site since he’s assumed stewardship of the site.  But sometimes (actually oftentimes) things come up that take precedence over a simple post on a Sunday and I’ve been called out of the bullpen…think of it as a LOOGY situation.  With Al occupied this weekend (with a wedding…his own!), I’ve decided to come off of the shuffleboard courts here at Del Boca Vista and drop a (very quick) Lazy One down because…you know, games are actually underway.  And while very little can be gleaned from a couple of days worth of games, there have been positive signs (Ubaldo, with a FANTASTIC piece delving into his recent issues here) and some negative ones.  Certainly the same concerns that existed at the start of the season – namely the Starting Pitching (and here is another great piece on the Rays’ continued development of Starting Pitching that stands in stark contrast to the Tribe’s recent past and their current rotation, where it is unlikely that a player drafted and/or developed by the Tribe will start a game for the Erie Warriors this year) – persist, but nobody’s running away and hiding with the AL Central…and certainly not the Tribe.

That all said, a couple of weeks ago, my friend Vince Grzegorek (correct spelling…ahem, Esquire) at Scene Magazine asked me to pen one of my “season previews” for him to include in this weekend’s edition, right next to Vince’s terrific Q & A with Chris Perez.  So, without further ado, I’ll direct your eyes here to it and retreat once again into retirement so I can take a look at the Early Bird menu and figure out what The DiaBride are going to have for dinner…around 2 PM this “evening”.

With a hearty congrats to Al on his exciting day and with the knowledge that he’ll be back here soon enough, let’s all just enjoy the season and Go Tribe.


Prof said...

Good to hear from you again, Paul, though I have to say that something like getting married is a poor excuse for taking the first Sunday game of the season off.

(Congrats, Al!)

smith rose said...

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