Friday, May 06, 2005

Time to Get Going

After another Wickman Stress Save on Wednesday and a C.C. (and Jason Dangerously) meltdown on Thursday, it's nice to watch the Tribe get on top early and give Cliff Lee some breathing room. Let's hope that the West Coast swing gives the Tribe something to build on.

As I wrote that last sentence, Soriano just hit his second 2 run job to make it 8-5. He just drops the bat when he thinks it's going out. Next to Milton Bradley's batting glove removal, Bonds' cocksure gaze, and Bret Boone's end over end bat launch, Soriano's bat toss bothers me the most.

Interesting Poll and Results on :
Now that C.C. Sabathia, Travis Hafner and Victor Martinez's deals have been extended, who should be next?
Ryan Ludwick 97 votes (1%)
Cliff Lee 1443 votes (19%)
Coco Crisp 3860 votes (51%)
Grady Sizemore 1990 votes (26%)
Jason Davis 171 votes (2%)
7561 people have voted so far

Coco Crisp has 51% of the vote?!? Coco Crisp?!? All he's done is proven that he can't hit the cutoff man or leadoff. Let's reward that with a long-term deal. This poll (created by the Indians) is interesting for a number of reasons:

  • These polls are often used (I think) by Tribe brass to evaluate fan reaction to what they're considering. Is this the list that's next to get extensions? I hope not.
  • Grady Sizmore JUST came up from the minors. Why would you give him an extension? While we're at, let's extend Peralta and Phillips, just for good measure.
  • Ludwick is a 4th outfielder AT BEST, yet he makes this list over Ben Broussard and others. How much do you think that Ben factors into the future?
  • How is Jason Davis even on this list? He's in the same category as Riske and Betancourt or maybe Tallett and Traber. After his appearance against the Twins, I'm leaning more in the direction of sending him to Buffalo to teach him to pitch late in the games, get some steady work, and PLEASE harness those emotions.
  • Cliff Lee is the obvious answer but, despite my best efforts, he falls short of 20%. Everyone must be preoccupied with this K2 mess (Sources say: torn ACL, cracked tibia, fractured femur, and refusing further scans on his right shoulder - cut him...NOW).
  • Most importantly, the list shows that the Indians don't have as many "core players" that they would like to have at this point of the rebuilding process. They've already locked those guys up; to identify the guys on this list as "core players" is a serious reach.

Off to Dayton to see the Boy Wonder graduate tomorrow because, as I've been told by a member of the Flying Swytowski Brothers, "nobody puts Baby in the corner".


Cy Slapnicka said...

mark, welcome to year one of working life. lucky for you, its just an extension of college. you still have zero responsibility, party like a rock star, don't know anything, and you can stop drinking beast with the extra funds. you lucky bastard, oh how i envy you.

8-6, bottom of 9, 0 outs. wick just walked the first batter and the bases should be full of texas rangers shortly. fasten your seat belts kids.

Cy Slapnicka said...

i was sure i was going to see a man-kiss for the first time since bachtel kissed that guy at a party in BG. the hat reversal was a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Sorian in a Tribe uniform at 2nd base would be a great site, I bet you would love his bat toss then, he is a great talent and cute as well. I love your Tiki and Ronde refrence. PBR on tap in Milwaukee could life get any better. I need to get out to Miller Park and see a game. I watched the Brewers lose to the Mets last night in a slug fest. The Brewers showed a lot of heart and did not quit against Pedro they are playing very well early on.