Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ace? More Like a Joker!

The first loss in 10 games falls squarely onto the large shoulders of #52. Despite the Indians scoring 9, C.C. couldn’t keep a lead. It was a very exciting game at the Jake, despite the presence of about 10,000 Sawx fans, 100,000 Canadian Soldiers (that descended on the stands like a plague of locusts in the 7th), and two wave attempts by Indians’ fans (both at critical junctures of the game).

Some Tomahawks:

  • I was waiting at the gate next to some guy saying, “You know, if we start to fill this place and Dolan still doesn’t spend money, I’ll stop being an Indian fan.” All of the sheep around him nodded in agreement. It took everything I had not to blurt out, “Good, don’t come back here, because you’re not a fan. You probably haven’t been here since 1999 and wouldn’t even know where good money could be spent. Go home, put on your Thome or Omar jersey, and remember the good old days.”
  • Then, I have to sit in front of some guy who felt that the solution to every problem was for an Indian to “go yard” and say “Swing, and a miss” like Hamilton for every whiff. Down 9-4, with a nice rally going and no outs? “C’mon, Hernandez, go yard!” The bashers of the ‘90s made Indians fans dumb in that they simply do not understand good, fundamental baseball. Ronnie Belliard was booed for a sac fly in the 6th for not “going yard”. Maybe I’m a snob, but get a clue.
  • C.C., a “#3 pitcher…at best” said the guy next to me, letting the big inning get the best of him again. Why doesn’t Willis come out to the mound to settle the Crooked Cap down, when it’s obvious to everyone at the Jake that he’s becoming unraveled?
  • I’ve got to agree with my neighbor last night, and will take it one step further. Right now, I’ve got:
    1) Millwood
    2) Lee
    3) Westbrook
    4) Sabathia
    5) Elarton
    Any arguments?
  • Only 30,500 last night, on a 9 game winning streak, against the defending world champs. People must’ve been looking up Doug Johnson’s career stats at home (a “Here We Go, Brownies”, not Indians, chant started in the Batters’ Eye Bar at one point).
  • The Wickmans’ Warriors T is 0-1 after last night.
  • Saw a #99 Vaughn jersey in the men’s room. It was more of a T-Shirt than a jersey, but not bad.
  • Slider is becoming Public Enemy #1 very quickly as I attend more games.
  • Can you tell yet that I was disappointed in the results last night?
  • Finally, I made my first appearance on the JumboTron, due to the knuckleheads a couple of rows back who had painted their chests. Not knowing if I was on, I simply waved and the camera was off of me. It went against everything that I had ever said, that I would flash the “4” for Four Horseman, to honor the great Ric Flair. I’m only disappointed in me.

See you tonight at the ballpark.


Cy Slapnicka said...

looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the diamond today. most indians fans are idiots, thats been established. that might even be why we have not been rewarded by the baseball gods in 95 and 97. i have a bigger problem with nobody showing up. i won't count the attendance for this series, as there have got to be 5k Bosox fans based on what i can hear. worst part is, i know some of the offending parties. i know an alleged "huge" indians fan that hasn't been to a game and lives 15 minutes from the jake and works downtown. its those people that piss me off, and there are many of them. and yes, we all know they'll show up when the indians make the playoffs again.

is anyone else sick of really sick of CC blaming himself and taking accountability? his latest about screwing up a 9 game winning streak being unacceptable....yeah, thanks captain obvious, we were all well aware of that. i mean, the first few times i liked to hear that he felt accountable and didn't give the same baseball answers. now its just getting old. we know that you know that we know that you didn't cut it CC. i know the guy is only 25, but by the time he gets that killer instinct he'll be a free agent.

and by the way jinx, my wickman's warriors shirt is 1-0 and witness to a rare 1-2-3 9th from Big Beautiful Bob. don't cuss the shirt and blame it for your bad luck.

Anonymous said...

you have to admit though, manny hit some usually unhittable (only because they were balls that no one should be swinging at), and put one of them out of the park. guy is sick.

Anonymous said...

i hate david ortiz.

also, this morning my grandpa ruined any chance i had of being boys with Grady.

Story goes like this. Gramps goes to breakfast to get his oatmeal with extra milk as he does every morning at "Dining with Panos" in the plaza at Schwartz and Center Ridge in Westlake. Towards the end of his breakfast Grady comes in and sits down, minding his own business, to get some breakfast. Gramps takes it upon himself to go sit down and speak his mind to young Sizemore for 45 minutes, concluding his talk with repeatedly telling him in his usual condescending voice and while pointing at him, "keep your nose clean". Mr. Sizemore then allegedly said "OK Mr. Bennett", and Neil handed him a business card as he walked out.