Thursday, June 09, 2005

California Love

The Tribe, always surprising, takes 2 of 3 from the division leading Padres (could've been a sweep if Broussard catches the DP ball in the 2nd), continuing the Season of Uncertainty. Despite taking 2 of 3 from the Friars, the Wahoos remain 11 games behind those Amazin' Sox. A few thoughts as the Indians head up the Left Coast to face Omarvelous and the Giants (who are 8 games under .500...but Omar wasn't looking for the money or a long-term deal, just a team who would contend):

  • Who is the Indians' All-Star? I don't think they're going to have the All-Star representation of last year, but someone has to go. The guess here is Cliff Lee, who has put together a solid first half and has a W-L record that isn't frightening (Sweatbrook, 2-9). Grady "Super" Sizemore is probably the best position player thus far, but his numbers pale in comparison to other available OF's in the American League. The other possibility is the Sticky One, who represents the back end of one of the best bullies in the bigs. I don't know if the manager of the AL has the stomach though for a typical Wicky inning (put 2 guys on, get a K and a DP as the tying run is 3 feet away from home) in the Midsummer Classic. So, I'm thinking Lee. When it happens, I will think about wearing my Lee jersey, but K-Mill took #34 away from Clifton this year (Cliff currently wears #31), leaving me looking like the guy who has the Winslow #11 jersey, a little premature and very embarassed.
  • I struggled last night to watch the game with Coldplay on VH1's Storytellers. It was a great episode with the Brits tearing it up as usual, but you can't help but look at the drummer and bassist and think that they're just along for the ride, a la Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton of U2. The most amazing thing, though, is to watch Chris Martin (lead singer) and know that he's married to Gwyneth Paltrow. I know that she's a bit of a loon (British term): she did after all name her child Apple, but c'mon. I can go to the pulpit for Free Trade and not shave for a week and pull off what Martin's got going on.
  • What's the deal with Le Pronque? Terry Pluto nailed it the other day by saying that Hafner's season has been "Blah...not bad, not great." Where is the clutch hitting and the opposite field moon shots? I wonder if his right elbow is bothering him more than the Dakota in him will let on. Or maybe he's upset about Shrek 3 not coming out this summer (and don't say you never noticed his similarity to the green ogre).
  • I heard a commercial on the radio promoting the Padres series saying, "Catch Coco Crisp and the Indians take on Brian Giles and the Padres, tonight on FSN" then Coco hits 3rd. I was waiting for the punch line...still am. And don't come to me with 3 hits and 1 HR, Coco is not a core player on this team.
  • The Super One (Sizemore) has established himself as a true keeper for years to come, but who else on this team is? The Stick and Le Pronque are the only two position players that come to mind, with C.C., Jake, and Cliff representing the pitching staff (Riske & Rocky Betancourt if you count the pen). Where is this next "wave" of players that Shapiro talked about a few years ago? Buffalo is stocked with guys that have been in the minors for about 8 years (think Jeff Manto).
  • Anyone notice that the Polanco trade happened for Urbina and an INF (the day before the move was made, I had referenced a rumor of Polanco for Howry and Hernandez). Shapiro seems cautious to make a move that is going to disrupt this team. His comments in the PD that the Indians' schedule in August is favorable only strengthen the idea that this is the team, regardless of where they are at the trading deadline. However, if the Sox don't slow down, it doesn't do any good to have cupcakes in August if you're 15-20 games out.
  • Ryan Drese (of TB on Shooters' Deck Fame) was given his walking papers yesterday by the Rangers, confirming the theft of Hafner as one of Shapiro's Great Heists.

Off to the land of fruits and nuts in SF, where I'm sure Omar's yellow suitcoat and Porsche are going over like gangbusters.


Anonymous said...

PC's vacations then other duties at home had me slacking on my diatribe reading, but i just caught back up on the roller coaster ride that is called the diatribe. one day he's up, one day he's down. gotta keep the faith. gotta keep it.

random ramblings since my last post:
- just got a win in game 1 of the SF series. bats bounced back and CC took it to them and that attempt at a triple was just hilarious.

- until the oakland series here a few weekend back i had been to as many washington nationals games (2) as tribe games due to my softball lunacy. went to all games that series and boy was that a nice sweep over memorial day weekend. went to "field day" for season ticket holders (we split a season package but their in our name so we get the perks) saturday afternoon of that weekend. it was fun, but mainly for younger families, not a dad bringing his 28, 25 and 23 year old to. my bro and i did get in line for the "whiffle ball HR derby" just to get onto the field and walk around center field. also got contracts signed by shapiro and dolan and briefly chatted with them. i told shapiro my sister would be having a better time if she could get her hands on grady's phone number. that day i also left with my first-ever purchase of a t-shirt jersey (like PC's cliff lee), and now am the very proud owner of a 24 sizemore one. i havent felt this good about a player since 25 thome, so i had to pull the trigger. it's also not right the amount of pictures i have on my camera phone of #24 from either spring trainin or his autograph table at this field day.

- dont want to talk about juan gone. bats look to be taking a turn for the better so i wouldnt mind cutting ties.

- r.drese - you can only imagine the emails going around my dad, brother and me on this topic the past week...

- larry brown - NO!!!!!!! stay away!!!

- browns - phil is the real deal.

- eddie murray - my dad and i were calling for his head 2 years ago, then somehow last year everyone overachieved and had terrific offensive seasons, and he stuck around until last week. hopefully they can get someone next offseason that is legit. i will, however, miss passing eddie a couple times a week, him on his way to the ballpark and me checking on our jobs in westlake.

- watched coldplay over the tribe??? oooofa.

- rob hieb visited for a night last saturday. good times.

- christina applegate is on conan right now. she's still got it.

- dont think we needed polonco now that [knock on wood] boonie's coming to life. i just want him to hit .250 and keep that D up. not everyone can be matty williams.

- st. ignatius grad dave ragone taking it to the WORLD tomorrow at 11am, be there, or be square.

- ok, i'm sweating like a whore in church due to the fact that it's roughly 20 degrees warmer inside our house than outside, so i'm retiring to the bedroom with my window unit. took a second friday night off in a row for some reason, weird not waking up on saturday mornings incredibly hungover and/or before 10am. LATE

Anonymous said...

sidebar: for got mention in my drese comments that the nationals picked him up. wow.

Cy Slapnicka said...

looks like there was an aftershock from CC's slide today in Cali...