Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Mess

Since the conclusion of Tuesday night's game, I've run the gamut of emotions. After the crushing HR by Crede, I sat there asking myself all the questions in the world:

  • Is our weakness at 1B and RF going to be our ultimate downfall? Despite Blake's HR on Tuesday, those two positions have batted .235 with 2 RBI in the first 2 games, leaving a staggering 10 men on base (including Broussard leaving 6 on Monday). Throw in that 2B is 0 for 8 for the series and you see that everything is magnified in October...I mean September.

  • Why is Wedge messing with the bullpen? All year long, all I've heard is how Wickman allows everyone to settle into their "role". Why then did Sauerbeck start the 8th on Monday and Howry pitched the 7th on Tuesday, while Rocky B-Court pitched the 8th?

  • How much do I wish that Bobby Jenks pitched every game? This guy's going Donnie Moore on us. He is a basket case, blowing 2 saves in 2 nights. For comparison, the Robot (Howry) blew his first save in 70 odd games last night. Despite the fact that he's not the closer, that's incredible.

When I woke up and read the doom and gloom of the PD ("All is lost, let's turn our attention to the Browns"), I was on suicide watch. My shoelaces were taken out.

Then I realized something:
The Indians aren't going to win every game. This is a marathon, not a 100-yard dash. Losing one game to the White Sox isn't the end of the world. It's just the law of averages.

Confidence is still very high heading into the balance of the schedule, realizing that the Royals are still 4 of the last 12 games, while the Sox have the Twins to tangle with and the Yankees and Red Sox will finish their seasons beating each other up. The Indians magic number is 12, meaning that any combination of Tribe wins or Yankees losses to add up to 12 puts us in the playoffs.

I have a spy (the wife) in attendance tonight to put a hex on the Yankees. I just hope she makes it out of the Bronx in one piece. I told her to pull an Elaine Benes and wear an Orioles cap, and refuse to take it off. We both decided with the animals that call themselves Yankee fans liable to do anything, she'll just quietly root for the O's.

I'm hoping that these types of games don't continue and that we just roll everybody by a 10-2 margin for the rest of the year, but I realize that just isn't going to happen. In the meantime, I'm going to have to walk around like a zombie at work and try not to lie awake thinking about pinch runners until the alarm goes off.

Playoff baseball is in full swing, and I'm loving it!


Baltimoran said...

as suspected, the freaking O's are laying down, i will be in camden to throw a jinx there way on sunday

i liked livingston's article, he gave props to wedge, adding that the squad has a great mental approach to the game, but may lack some defense and fundamentals...right on i believe, but a young team can improve on those things

thank god the season premiere of Lost can keep me from a heart attack sitting in front of my computer

Cy Slapnicka said...

I actually respect many of them, as they are rather intelligent baseball fans. However someone at work claims to be a Yankee fan and was talking smack the other day. I asked them who their RF was he had no idea. In fact, could not name anyone besides Jeter. Those are the Yankee fans I hate. The same ones that come to the Jake when the hated yanks are in town.

As for yesterdays game, LOVED Coco's bunting. Very nice to see that, as we've struggled there all season. Even nicer to see Pronk go yard after coco's 2nd sac bunt.

Cy Slapnicka said...

Great article from Loved the quote at the end...
"We come from all parts of the country, all parts of the world, really, but we're all on the same page," says Crisp. "We like Will Ferrell movies and we like to win baseball games."

Amen Coco, Amen.

t-bone said...