Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Seth McClung

Seth McClung...Seth McClung...Seth McClung...
Wild Card
Red Sox
92-66 -
92-66 -

AL Central
White Sox
95-63 -
92-66 3.0 GB

4 Games left. They are killing me. Seth F'n McClung...


Cy Slapnicka said...

From Ocker today:

"..But why Cleveland? In McClung's previous three starts, he compiled a 16.40 ERA and averaged three innings per start.

For the season, he is averaging 5.8 walks per nine innings against the rest of the league but only 2.2 walks per nine innings against the Wahoos. He has made three starts against the Tribe and won them all, posting a 1.77 ERA."

That just about sums it up. And I miss Ronnie's play at second too. Can a brotha get a replay? damn

Baltimoran said...

my parents have been to two games this year (one with me) and in both games the tribe lost 1-0 to the devil rays. My mother felt physically ill after the game last night which she attributed to a 24 hour flu but i'm pretty sure she's really a baseball purist and was upset that booner couldn't get a bunt down.

i'm so happy for all the wife-beater wearing drunken white sox you think Ozzie will rest some of his big guns this weekend?