Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lazy Sunday...

The Indians are planning to put in a Hall of Fame in the old Davey Tree Park in center.
My idea to make it an extension of the Batter’s Eye Bar called The Reservation that had a machine that sent up smoke signals was probably unrealistic because the center field backdrop needs to be devoid of white or movement (so batters can pick up the ball).
This Hall of Fame is a great idea and is a great first step towards acknowledging some of the great players who have worn Tribe uniforms through the years.

Some old Indians (Karsay, Graves, and Diaz) are trying to make the team out of camp, armed only with minor league contracts and some optimism.
This piece, written by Burt Graeff, has been one of many good articles written by Graeff while Hoynes is in Torino, covering something (what is it again?).
Why isn’t Graeff given more latitude to write about the Indians? His analysis is always even-handed and insightful, yet the PD insists on letting the beat writer of a particular sport also be the analyst.
I would think that a third party writer, who doesn’t necessarily travel with the team or go into the clubhouse every day, would provide a great perspective on the team, without getting personally involved with the players or coaching staff. Whether Graeff would be that guy or not, it’s just a thought.

Terry Pluto addresses some of the principals in the Tribe’s bullpen.

ESPN’s first Power Rankings are out for 2006, with the Indians showing up in 4th, behind the White Sox, Oakland, and the Yankees. The White Sox, being World Champs, and the Yankees, with their payroll, are obvious. But the A’s, with their questionable acquisitions of the perpetually injured Big Hurt, Loaiza, and the combustible Milton Bradley doesn’t make sense to me.
It’s also funny to see the Mets (#5) and the Blue Jays (#8), who both spent the mother load this offseason in Free Agency, behind the “mid-market” Indians and their “cheap” ownership.

Sheldon Ocker’s piece on Ryan Garko discusses his conversion from C to 1B and has a good story about Jason Stanford’s engagement (what he fails to mention is that Stanford’s fiancĂ© is a Cavaliers Girl…nice work, Stanny).

Ken Rosenthal’s piece on C.C., the WBC, and Carl Willis is probably more insightful than most articles I’ve read on C.C.’s mechanics.

Finally, Mark Schwab of WTAM has started to post a Spring Training Blog from Winter Haven which is pretty insightful, and full of cool pictures to get you ready for Spring Training.
I’ll link the page on the sidebar as long as new posts keep going up.

Parked in our seats, movie trivia's the illest.
What Friends alum starred in films with Bruce Willis?
We answered so fast it was scary.
Everyone stared in awe when we screamed Matthew Perry!

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Baltimoran said...

the picture of garko swinging on the spring training blog made him look like a right handed version of another #25 the tribe had at first base a few years ago.
Hopefully, he's the reason that Benny is back again after such a crappy year.

PC, send out some more stuff to read so
I can avoid writing this damn paper I'm working on