Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One More Bite of Coco Crisp

With a nod to the Tribe Report, check out this article on, lending some national perspective on the Coco deal.

Very strong stuff from an unbiased source with little, or no, emotional attachment to the Tribe.

If that hasn't gotten you fully over the Coco deal, the always steady Terry Pluto weighs in.

Now whether you are chugging, bonging, keg-standing, shooting, or hooking it up to a vein, Shapiro's Kool-Aid should be into your bloodstream by now.

By the way, the Tribe equipment truck leaves for Winterhaven on Friday.


Cy Slapnicka said...


Krems said...

I like the trade, with one exception however and that's Mota. Isn't this the same guy that a few years ago when he was with the Dodgers and someone charged the mound he ran away and practically jumped into the stands? What a pussy!! And there's no way he's any kind of replacement for the Robot. I'm not sure of the exact number, but I'm pretty sure Howry made something like 150 appearances last year. Mota, on the other hand has a bum arm and a shitty ERA.

Baltimoran said...

with all the young arms we have, I would almost prefer to give one an important spot in the bullpen like the Robot's role, cabrera being the obvious choice...unless he runs from a fight like a weenie

Cy Slapnicka said...

he's not a weenie if the fight involves high school kids at a dave matthews concert. i hear they are bad asses.

t-bone said...

Updated: Feb. 3, 2006, 5:54 PM ET
Hershiser leaves Rangers' front officeAssociated Press

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Orel Hershiser is leaving his front-office job with the Texas Rangers less than three months after he resigned as the team's pitching coach.

After 3½ seasons as pitching coach, Hershiser in November became an executive assistant to Rangers president Jeff Cogen.

Hershiser interviewed last fall with the Los Angeles Dodgers about their manager and general manager openings. He spent parts of 13 of his 18 major league seasons in Los Angeles, including 1988 when he set a major league record by pitching 59 consecutive scoreless innings and was the NL Cy Young Award winner. The Dodgers won the World Series that year.

Hershiser joined the Rangers in November 2001 as an associate to former general manager John Hart. He had no prior coaching experience when he replaced the fired Oscar Acosta as the team's pitching coach in June 2002.

Manager Buck Showalter retained Hershiser as pitching coach when he was hired after the 2002 season. Bullpen coach Mark Connor replaced Hershiser as pitching coach last fall.

t-bone said...

Even Chicago recognizes...

(if that doesnt work),1,1547523.column?coll=chi-sportscolumnist-hed

Baltimoran said...

J.J. Reddick is a homo. FSU shot 30 less free throws, yet were taking the ball to the basket every time down the court. JJ just flails his skinny pale arms and they put him on the line...what a punk...i'm pretty sure I could beat him in a fist fight

marte on the all-start team by 08