Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hitting the Links

If you haven’t voted for T-Haf for the All-Star team, do so now. Vote early and vote often. The “Vote Pronk” atmosphere has taken over Jacobs Field and I love it. I haven’t been able to secure a “Vote Pronk” button from one of the ushers, but there’s still time.

If we, as Indians fans, allow A.J. Pierzynski to take a spot that is rightfully Pronk’s – we have no one to blame but ourselves.

While we’re in the voting mood, how about some feedback for a nickname for Franklin Gutierrez (who seems to be getting more comfortable at the plate). The options thus far are Frank the Tank (with the obvious Ferrell video montage on the big screen) or Frankie Gutz (which sounds like a gangster from “GoodFellas”). What do you think?

A very impressive showing by Sowers last night, strangely reminiscent of another young lefty’s gem against NY – Billy Traber’s one-hitter a few years back. As excited as everyone was about Traber, multiply that enthusiasm by about 10 for the expectations surrounding the Vandy Dandy. After last night, it looks deserved.

Best anti-Yankee shirt last night? Brokeback Jeter, which brings to mind a YouTube favorite.

Don't forget to vote for the Sykestown Slugger!

Vive Le Pronque!


Rockdawg said...

Frank The Tank...no question.

Baltimoran said...

it would be better if he was a big fat drunk, but Frank the Tank works, even for a light hitting latino


t-bone said...

always great to beat down the yanks like that.

PC, you've been nut-riding the "c"/wahoo combo hat for years now. what is there to get used to?

Cy Slapnicka said...

Marte better be packing for Cleveland by the time I get back from vacation.

Rockdawg said...

Jaret Wright has also been linked to a certain Brush grad...who alledgedly was in Playboy two months ago.

R.M. Jennings said...

Went to the game last night. God I hate those Yankee fans. They're just so ignorant about anything that baseball is really about - walking around in sparkling new $80 Rodriguez jerseys and rooting for a frontrunner because all the cool kids have Yankees hats on. Give me a 20-year-old, faded Tom Candiotti t-shirt and a flimsy promotional hat from Sherwin-Williams any day.

Johnny Damon tossed me a ball during batting practice (it took him two tries to get in into the bleachers - really), and then says his tummy started hurting during BP. I doubt this is a coincidence.

I'd really like to know where all these loud, obnoxious, delinquent frontrunners come from. Tribe fans really have to do something, though, about these idiots we let overrun our ballpark. I'm not sure what to do, though.