Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Time for a round-up of all of the Sunday happenings in print:

Terry Pluto says that Victor will remain the Tribe’s catcher next year because the offensive production he gives the team from C (as opposed to what they get from 1B) far outweigh the defensive shortcomings. He also asks why Marte won’t get brought up until the beginning of August. The answer: If he comes up any earlier, he’ll be arbitration eligible a full year earlier (after the 2009 season, as opposed to after the 2010 season if they wait).

On the 1B/C situation for next year – how about playing Victor/Garko against RHP and Shoppach/Victor against LHP in some kind of convoluted platoon. Garko has earned a look, and my get one this year if Broussard is moved (to the Giants?).

On the Boonie front, there was a great post on Let’s Go Tribe (in one of the comments section) that said that Boone should invest in a Japanese-American dictionary. Boone hasn’t just been deemed unworthy of playing for the Tribe in some people’s eyes…he’s off of the continent. I think that's fantastic.

Paul Hoynes intimates that Ozzie Guillen passed over Travis Hafner for the AS Team based on the fact that Hafner said he would be “in the bathroom throwing up” during the WS Ring Ceremony in Chicago on Opening Day (I can’t find the link). Personally, I’d say it has more to do with the game being in Putzburgh (sic) and the fact that there’s no DH, but it’s an interesting line of thinking.

Shelly Ocker addresses when it’s time to sell, which is…not yet.

Andy Call of the Canton Repository touches on why there is so much frustration and anger toward the 2006 Tribe, and how it relates to the Cavs and the Browns.
Bill Livingston had a similar article last Sunday, which blended rationale and objectivity – all in one column. I'm surprised the PD printed it, though it was on page 6 rather than page 1.

Finally, can I make a reservation for LeBron Jersey Retirement Night at the Q, say 15-18 years from now? I’d put the jersey up now (Larry Nance’s jersey is retired, for crying out loud), but that’s just me. I’ll also be purchasing a LeBron jersey (t-shirt, I can’t pull off a full-blown jersey) as the chances of me eventually burning it have decreased dramatically.


Paul Cousineau said...

In case you haven't seen The LeBrons around's classic.

Baltimoran said...

he just made a good business decision, the cavs can still pay him more than anybody else at that time, i'm not too worried, i think the cavs will be close if not already a champion by that time.

as for the tribe, i would give boone away to anyone who would take his whole contract. is 2nd base an option for Peralta, SS is too important for his limited range...and focus.

the only talk I hear from O's fans is from people designing their F@#k Angelos shirts...yet they took 4 of 6 from the tribe...depressing.

Rockdawg said...

The fact that he signed is good enough for me (for now). If the Cavs are very close in the next 3-5 years, I think he will stay. What, exactly, are the "Lebrons" rolling around town?