Monday, September 11, 2006

Blusters from the Windy City

With the Tribe splitting in Chicago (thanks to the aCCe on Sunday), I thought it would be a good idea to get a field report from the Cell. Serial poster Cy Slapnicka (who must have text-messaged me 15 times during the game) drew the assignment.

Without further ado, here's our 1st Report from the Road:

I am 0-3 at the cell and 0-6 in my last 6 Tribe/Sox games, going back to the season ending sweep last year. To show how bad my luck is, this is the second Sox game in a row where my wife cleaned house in mound ball and I won nothing. The loss Friday night rests solely on my shoulders. In the bottom of the 9th, I sent a text message to PC suggesting a new nickname, "Nasty Mastny?" (DiaTriber’s Note – that name has already been suggested, along with the idea that he comes out to Janet Jackson’s “Nasty Boys”). About 2 pitches later I was racing to the train to try and get on with the fewest number of belligerent sox fans, still numb to the fact that it was AJ that beat us.

A few observations:

  • Is it just me, or does Garko just look like a first baseman?
  • Shoo has a cannon for an arm. It brings back memories of Hard Hittin’ Mark Whiten's howitzer. The ball seems like it picks up speed as it reaches the infield.
  • Did anyone notice the Indians runners' weak slides into second to "try" and break up double plays? My seats were looking straight down the base path between 1B and 2B. Did you notice Ryan Garko's grass stained pants during the game? Amazing diving play at 1B? Nope, his slide into second on a DP was actually in the grass. This happened twice, I just can't remember if it was Vic or Choo that had a weak slide. Disappointing to see.
  • I was talking smack to a Sox fan after we took the lead in the 9th, telling him they would not even make the wild card this year. His response? "That’s okay, we won the World Series". I quietly took my seat. I even had an usher (couldn't have been older than 15) in my section busting my balls.
  • Speaking of Sox fans.... they sure aren't the most refined individuals I've spent any length of time with. I saw a guy in a wife beater being hauled off in hand cuffs (presumably for umpire safety) and I overheard a couple girls discussing their visit to the men's room, the hostility the encountered and the ensuing argument they had while in there. Somehow I don't think they washed their hands.
Thanks, Cy. I'm glad that the cops in riot gear on ATV's from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome got you out of that place in one piece.

After yesterday's debacle at CB Stadium, the Tribe's not looking too bad.


R.M. Jennings said...

After thinking for the umpteenth time about how US Cellular Field is a crappy name for a stadium, I just remembered that naming rights for the Jake are up for grabs after this season. Is there any buzz in Cleveland about possible takers? I just hope that if it goes to some corporation, it's at least a local one.

"Honeybaked Ham Field"?

Baltimoran said...

after going to a game with cy a few years ago and almost being caught in a crossfire on the train ride then getting made fun of by men wearing cut off jean shorts, i have no desire to go back.

if i was the lone Northeast ohio native, free agent left uninjured (dave z), i would be a little nervous going to cincinnatica where they punish you for hook sliding, and i can only imagine the convicts will try to behead a kicker on a punt return

Cy Slapnicka said...

This is just awful. I personally suspect Ryan Marrie. Hopefully no televisions were harmed in the event.