Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lazy Sunday on a S-L-O-W Sports Weekend

On this, the worst sports weekend of the year, we’ll head into a quick take of Lazy Sunday:

It’s interesting that the Bill Bitterman is covering the Tribe in Winter Haven while Paul Hoynes covers something in Daytona for the PD. Can you say “budget cuts”?
The only interesting thing about Livingston’s notes column is the picture of C.C. that accompanies the article shown here.
Here’s the whole picture gallery to warm a cold February morning.

Ken Rosenthal thinks that the Foulke retirement opens the door for a young arm, like Cabrera or Carmona, to fill the Bobby Jenks (circa 2005) role for the Indians this year.

The Lorain Morning Journal breaks (probably Jim Ingraham…no author given) breaks down some questions facing the Tribe going into Spring Training.

Also from the Morning Journal is a column (the writing looks like old buddy Roger Brown…again no author given online) addressing ESPN’s Steve Phillips and his take on the Indians. Phillips lost all credibility with me when he identified Cliff Lee as the best LHP in baseball last June, over Santana, Sabathia, Zito, etc., etc.; so I’ll take the opinions of baseball analysts I respect (Gammons, Kurkjian, Neyer, Rosenthal, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog) before the made-for-TV, walking-soundbite Steve Phillips enters the conversation.

Seriously, thanks to the Swerb for giving said hack some exposure and allowing the thoughts of one slightly obsessed Indians fan another forum.

I’ll put the post on the mothership later this week.


Cy Slapnicka said...

hmmm, XM and Sirius to merge? MLB and NFL radio through one provider! Hopefully they get it together before the season, as I don't want to buy equipment that will be obsolete in a year.

Cy Slapnicka said...

simmons has some interesting comments about lebron in his article today. after watching sunday's game and real games this season, i can't say i disagree very much.