Monday, February 26, 2007

Thanks Time Warner!

A hearty “Thank You” goes out to the superb customer service folks at Time Warner (tongue planted firmly in cheek) for their correction of our DSL problem at home. Let’s see, in our 2 months of Time Warner, we’ve had our DVR box go out and our DSL go down 3 times.

After we finally get a person on the horn (after a solid 30 minutes); the “customer service” rep comes back with gems like:
“I don’t know what it could be, that’s weird.”
“We’ll get someone to take a look at that in the next few weeks, someday between 9AM and 4PM.”
“What do YOU think is wrong with it?”

I can’t wait to switch over to our other local cable option…oh, wait.

Anywho, there was obviously no Lazy Sunday for the denizens of the DiaTribe yesterday.

However, I couldn’t let this one go without a comment as I almost spit my coffee out yesterday when I saw it:
The Indians released their promotional schedule and one of the giveaways is Grady Sizemore…wearing a cape…diving for a ball…over a baseball that reads SuperSizemore! Really?

Obviously someone down at Carnegie and Ontario has visited the site, since I’ve been touting that one for a while. Since the trademark papers haven’t been filed, I’ll take it on good faith that the royalty check is already en route.

Much more regarding the makeup of the roster and what to watch for in Winter Haven as soon as Standard Oil…I mean Time Warner has some time to stop swimming in Scrooge McDuck’s money pool to fix the problem.


Cy Slapnicka said...

They may have seen a handsome young man in the SuperSizemore t-shirt jersey in the batters eye bar the last weekend of the 2005 season? Perhaps they were inspired by that?

Paul Cousineau said...

I thought we figured out that it was one letter too long.

Did you do SupaSizemore?

Cy Slapnicka said...

Thats why I took it to a t-shirt shop when i lived in c-bus and had them make it for me! I got the full "SuperSizemore". unfortunately, they don't use them same high quality screening process as daffy dans and the number started coming off already. Unfortunately, each time I see it in my drawer, I sigh and realize that was the day the 2005 season officially ended.

Btw, I just realized a buddy is getting married in Cleveland the weekend of the Superhero giveaways. I'll be at the Jake that Friday. Unfortunately, no Saturday afternoon game so I can't skip the cemermony for the game and just attend the reception.

Mike @ MidwesternBite said...

That's why you're upset with Time Warner? Sit down, get comfy, and let me tell you why I hate Time Warner.

I have been a lifelong Tribe fan. I'm 27 and bet I averaged watching/listening to 150 games each of the last nine years or so. Slightly less before that. I got my undergrad at Kent State, so the proximity was great. I then got my MS from the University of Cincinnati, so I ponied up the $150 for the Extra Innings cable package that allowed me to watch my beloved Tribesmen from the Queen City. It was perfect, because only the Reds were "blacked out" on Extra Innings because I could watch them on Fox Sports Net.

Then, in 2005 I took a job and moved to Dayton. No problem, right? I was still in the Reds viewing area for Fox Sports Net, so I thought I could get Extra Innings again for the Erie Warriors.

Apparently not.

Time Warner decides upon a customer's Fox Sports viewing area depending on their county of residence. Montgomery County (Dayton) is still Reds' country. However, Extra Innings decides upon a customer's viewing area by zip code for black outs. Why is this important? It's important because Time Warner didn't want to figure out the zip code areas for blacking out Extra Innings and decided to just black out both the Reds and the Indians in Montgomery County to be safe since it was split between Indians/Reds Fox Sports territories.

Boy did this piss me off. I should somehow be able to watch the Indians... right? Can't I please give Extra Innings $150 of my hard earned money?

I started by working my way up Time Warner. I finally got ahold of the Regional VP. She stonewalled me, but (with my persistence) gave me the name and number of some Regional Exec for Fox Sports. He seemed like he could do something, but eventually I realized it was a dead end. I then tried to put pressure on both companies by contacting the Indians organization, MLB, Cleveland/Cincinnati radio personalities, and every newspaper editor in the state. I had a lot of correspondence from people that wanted to help... but no results.

It had now been a month or so, so I decided to step it up another notch. I started calling all of my local and state representatives. (Yeah, I'm that nuts.)

No avail. I still haven't been able to see the Tribe. I was hoping that the formation of their new television station would help... nada.

However, it has gotten me the personal phone number of Bob Dibiasio.

That's why I hate Time Warner.

Paul Cousineau said...

Probably the greatest post of the 2 years of this site. Makes 2 Time Warner hacks rewiring my whole house for 3 hours seem like small potatoes.

Having spent 4 years at UD, enduring Bengals' games, I feel you...actually I think very few feel the level of frustration you're at right now.

"It has gotten me the personal phone number of Bob DiBiasio" - Best line ever.