Sunday, March 04, 2007

Secret Lazy Sunday

A quick round of Lazy Sunday from the friendly confines of the father-in-law’s home office on the sunny shores of Lake Michigan before the DiaBride figures out I’m in the home office and not cutting up fruit for the soon-to-arrive guests.

Paul Hoynes examines the potential FA that will be approached this Spring about extensions. Worst quote of the story? From C.C., “this is a business too, you have to remember that.”
Um…not good. Maybe we should change his intro music to Leaving On a Jet Plane.

Sheldon Ocker takes on the same story with his usual dose of pessimism and sarcasm. When, exactly, will Stephanie Storm take his chair at the ABJ, so we can enjoy some decent beat reporting?

T. Pluto addresses the continuity that is likely to continue in the GM and Manager chairs at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario as well as naming Tony Sipp and Mike Rouse (utility IF candidate) as names to watch this Spring.

And…we’re busted. Off to cut up some fruit.

Only 28 games until Opening Day…less than a month!

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Baltimoran said...

there is no doubt that cc and pronk are special players, but i wonder if other cities' reporters spend so much time worrying about players that still have 2 years on their contracts? although i've become as bitter and negative as any other cleveland fan, i'd like to read about barfield, sowers, and miller...and wait till the free agents are gone to start crying.
speaking of being a bitter clevland about snow and wesley combining for 3 blown layups in a crucial stretch during the mavs game. i haven't seen a botch as bad as wesley's since i bricked a stupid left-handed layup off the backboard to knock my team out of the tournament at notre dame basketball camp when i was in 8th grade