Monday, April 09, 2007

Slide Snow

Lest anyone think that Opening Day was not an unmitigated disaster, weather-wise and otherwise, here's a slideshow from the serial poster T-Bone, sitting in those awful RF upper deck seats (note the snow angel from the fan that ran on the field during the first delay):

Much more on the news that the Indians will be playing in Milwaukee and the fallout from the decisions made that led us to this spot.

For now, we'll just wait for the snow to melt.


Krems said...

If anyone is planning on going to Milwaukee let me know. I'm only an hour and a half away and would like to get out there for at least one of those games.

Paul Cousineau said...

Wish I could...Miller Park is a good place to watch a game.

$10 General Admission is a pretty good deal too. I think that some of the DiaBride's family is going to cheer them on/drink.

My brother-in-law owns a restaurant called the Holiday House in the Third Ward if you get downtown for dinner.

Ask for James...he'll take care of you.

Baltimoran said...

love that john adams is at the game, and a pronkville has been established

great turnout, if it had to be in another city, i'm glad its milwaukee, left a great impression on me during PC's wedding weekend

watching a bit of the O's/Tigers...although he's pitching well, J Wright looks 60 lbs heavier, has long greasy hair, and the chew is dripping from his face