Sunday, April 08, 2007

Snowy Sunday

I’m dreaming of a White Easter.

After shoveling the 10 inches that fell last night (on top of the 4 inches that fell yesterday), an abridged Lazy Sunday as Easter obligations are calling.

Most of the articles in papers today actually just revisit topics already addressed here yesterday – Vic’s injury, scheduling issues, etc. The only two of note come from the superb Terry Pluto on salary and the Home Opener. For more links, be sure to check the Ohio Sports Report.

Nothing happening on the Tribe front anyway as the Sunday twin bill has been cancelled and a Monday doubleheader has now been scheduled. Not that getting 2 games in on Monday is any more likely than getting 2 in today. Unless the M’s and the Tribe plan on getting in those other 2 games later when the teams have mutual days off, it’s looking like a snow-shortened season.

At least the Cavs, the Masters, The Sopranos, and Entourage will fill the day in lieu of some Winter baseball.

Nothing like LeBron, Tiger, Tony, and Johnny Drama to warm a dreadful April day.


Baltimoran said...

the Cavs national t.v. record has got to be at least 8 games under .500. Not liking their playoff draw right now (Miami).

PC, it looks like Pluto took many of your ideas from your sat. edition about opening day, he should put you on staff

t-bone said...
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Link said...

Thanks for your continued support of the Ohio Sports Report. Is there any chance we can get you to change your link to instead of the current one to

The Ohio Sports Report

t-bone said...

first they cancel today's "traditional" double header, now the entire Angels series is moved to MILWAUKEE! Hopefully the DiaBride's fam can root us onto victory there!

Paul Cousineau said...

Done and done on the link.

Unbelievable sequence of events on these games. Milwaukee?!?

The DiaBride is already trying to rally some support for a road trip.

We'd likely be the only ones there.

Rockdawg said...

PTC, I'm down for a Memorial Day Weekend road trip to see the Tribe crush the Reds. Anyone else in?