Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lazy Sunday on a Roll

With the Indians on a roll and the weekend about as perfect as you could imagine, let’s hit Lazy Sunday so I can sit and enjoy some High Lifes while taking in a Sunday matinee:

Paul Hoynes correctly surmises the whole Milton Bradley situation, which the Indians’ properly identified when they shipped him out to L.A. for what most called “peanuts”.
Did anyone see that he got traded to the Padres for…Andrew Brown?
For those of you scoring at home (first of all, get a life or at least another hobby if you keep score at home), that’s the same Andrew Brown that came to the Tribe from the Dodgers with Gutz for Bradley!

Andy Call has a nice round-up of MLB hitting on interleague play, John Hart’s possible return to the Rangers, and the disturbing story of Mel Hall.

Sheldon Ocker tackles why people aren’t showing up at the Jake, which is something I plan to go into much more detail on later this week. Surprisingly, Ocker brings up some good points, though he fails to elaborate on his assertions.
Then, just when you think that Ocker has turned a corner and could offer some insight, witness the mailbag.

Ken Rosenthal has Victor and Grady in his AL starting lineup for the All-Star team with C.C. in the team picture.
Sounds about right. Though, after last night, C.C. may want to count on starting in the game at whatever they call the stadium in San Francisco now.

John Donovan has his all-bust team for Free Agency for the year.
Funny how so many of these high-priced FA never pan out…but a high payroll is the only way to ensure success in MLB, right?
When does the list of SUCCESSFUL FA signings come out?
Never mind how dreadful these deals look two years from now, how many of these deals were seen a laughers in the off-season (Lugo, Pierre, Baltimore bullpen, and Igawa) that look even worse a mere ½ season later.
If only the Dolans (tongue firmly inserted in cheek) had the guts, or the financial ability, to make these contracts happen for the Tribe.

Count the Red Sox among the teams (along with the Tribe and Tigers, allegedly) that Eric Gagne has no interest in joining.
It sure sounds like Gagne just wants to go someplace to win...right?

As I said, a much larger piece this week analyzing what is keeping people away from the Jake in droves.

Regardless of Joe Six-Pack’s indifference or ignorance (or both), enjoy this team as they attempt to put some distance between themselves and the Motor City Kitties.


Voltaire said...

I've never read Sheldon Ocker before, but after reading the mailbag link, I've had enough. Although I am certain that such writers are deluged by rabid fan mail/hate mail about the team and themselves, they need to avoid slipping into pure sarcasm and cliches or else they themselves cease to be relevant. I've stopped reading Hoynsie for those exact reasons.

On a different note, I've yet to make it to a game at the Jake this year. I live 1.5 hours away and usually attend 3 or 4 games per season. I have tickets for the September 16 game against the Royals. It should be a great game (not because of the opponent), but because I trust the Tribe will be padding their division lead by that point.

rick@waitingfornextyear said...

Thanks for the add.