Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tribe Tunes

Long-time readers know of my interest in players’ introduction music that borders on the absurd, due to the inconsequence of the matter.
That hasn’t stopped me, however, from making my own suggestions for the songs that should accompany our Tribesman as they stride to the plate or out of the bullpen.
The 2006 suggestions can be seen here and the 2007 list can be seen here. So much time spent on those thoughts...

Well, after spending a few games down at the Jake recently, unable to recognize a number of the beats emanating from the sound system, I went to extreme measures to satisfy my curiosity...I asked somebody.

And so, without further ado (and thanks to a helpful representative of the Cleveland Indians organization), I present the introductory songs for YOUR 2007 Tribe:

Grady Sizemore - Da Rockwilder - Method Man
Casey Blake - All These Things That I've Done - The Killers
Victor Martinez - Rosalia - Juan Luis Guerra
Travis Hafner – Du Hast - Rammstein
Ryan Garko - This Is Why I'm Hot - Mims
Jason Michaels - Coming Undone - Korn
David Dellucci - Devil's Dance - Metallica
Trot Nixon - Walk the Line - Johnny Cash
Josh Barfield - Go Getta - Young Jeezy
Joe Borowski – Pay to Play – Staind

Interestingly, Peralta and Shoppach do not have set introductory songs and none of the other pitchers have designated music to warm up to.

That seems like such a waste to me, who spends so much time thinking what I would have blaring over the speakers (right now it’s the intro to Can I Kick It? By Tribe Called Quest), but I suppose these guys have “better things to do” with their time.

Obviously some of these are pretty cool (Garko and the Trotter being the first-glance standouts), but I’ll stand by my suggestions from the above links.

If only I could barricade myself in the Jacobs Field Audio Center and run the music for the game...I’d get jiggy with it.

Finally, pictures of the DiaperTribe’s first game at the Jake are forthcoming. The best laid plans to have him decked out in Tribe gear hit the skids thanks to a blowout (no not a tire - if you’re not a parent and don’t know what that means...just wait) prior to even getting out of the car.
Thus, he entered the Jake in outfit #2 (non-Tribe gear from the diaper bag) and was thoroughly entertained, albeit by a loss.

He did, however, say something on the way home about how he hoped that last night would be the first and last time he saw the mound stylings of Fernando Cabrera as we left in the 6th, right after Cabrera’s abysmal performance.
So young...and oh, so wise.


Voltaire said...

Sweet. I need to create a "Tribe Playlist" now.

Art McGregor said...

Can you guys please do a piece on Mike Rouse's place in MLB history? The guy is without doubt the worst big leaguer I have ever watched play. And he's playing meaningful games in July. (?!?!?!?)

Is Josh Barfield 643 years old? Does he need this many days off?

Jeff said...

Two things.

1) Intro music: A couple of years ago (actually probably more like six or seven) either SI or ESPN The Magazine did a survey of most popular intro music and how batters fared after every song was played. By far the most "successful" song was Crazy Train -- batters hit .368 after it was played, something like 40 points higher than the next highest song. Ever since then my friends and I go nuts whenever it's played at the Jake (especially because they play it often when the bases are loaded, or at least they did when I lived in Cleveland, which -- oh my God -- was a full three years ago).

2) The comment on Barfield and Rouse: Yeah, what the crap? And not only that, why not pinch hit for Rouse in the 9th? It's practically a metaphysical certainty that he's not going to get a hit there, so why not throw in Michaels or Barfield? Michaels is the better hitter there, but Barfield would have the benefit of not needing a second substitution in case the game went into the 10th (which it just now has). I initially expected Garko to hit in that spot (and to be honest, I'm not sure why Garko pinched for Shoppach -- even though Shoppach is hitting .105 in the last three weeks, Rouse is hitting .117 in the last three months) but then again, I'm not complaining.

Cy Slapnicka said...

sounded like grady had "all eyez on me" by tupac tonight in the 9th.

Cy Slapnicka said...

btw, grady should be rolling to "hey" by Jurrasic 5. So fitting.

t-bone said...

songs - actually, what i've been hearing through roughly 10-12 games i've been to doesnt completely jive with the list from within. i'm guessing they have 2-4 songs each, and i'm going to make a point of writing down or something from here on out...

rouse - yeah, WTF???

Paul Cousineau said...

I’m sure that every player has a few songs they come out to (I have heard Grady come out to 2Pac as well), but this is the list from the Jacobs Field sound guy.
Seemed a little short and incomplete to me too, but what do I know?

On Rouse, his line for the season - .117 BA / .194 OBP / .133 SLG / .327 OPS in 60 AB.
That’s historically awful, as he’s sitting below the Mendoza line in OBP and SLG, which is actually quite hard to do.
To put it in perspective, Astros P Roy Oswalt has a higher SLG (.150) and an OPS of .296, so Rouse is barely out producing a pitcher hitting .125.

While it’s frustrating to see him in there at all (especially with Barfield available to PH, although Barfield is really slumping), he only has 60 AB. That’s 10 more than Andy Marte accumulated in the 16 games with the parent club. So, it’s not like he’s playing a lot or spending a lot of time in the batter’s box, it’s just when he is…it is an abomination.

Every time he comes up, the DiaBride (who is fully aware of who Mike Rouse is and how dreadful he is) says, “Mike Rouse? When did he join the team?”, which always merits a guffaw.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Indians tried to make a move for Johnny Mac (in a trade for a low-level arm) as he’s a FA after the season and is likely to sign here in the off-season anyway. Toronto may at least try to get something for him, even though they’re “not in sell mode”.

Johnny Mac is by no means “The Great Answer”, but he’s certainly an improvement over the Mighty Rouse.
Then again, so is a mannequin in the Team Shop.

t-bone said...

I think I'd rather have any of last year's batch of utility guys (Merloni, Vazquez, Luna, Inglett) than Rouse.

And if Johnny Mac weren't even hitting his weight, at the very least we'd still be in awe of his glove.

Cy Slapnicka said...

Gark-oh-my-god-did-you-see-how-far-he-hit-that can do it all

its only a matter of time before he circles the earth to reverse an earthquake and save a lady-friend.

Ron Vallo said...

Rouse is tough to watch at the plate. An upgrade would be great.

But this note to German Village.

You are obviously not old enough to have seen Gus Gil play for the Tribe.


Kid Cleveland said...

Alvaro Espinoza: "I like Your Smile" by Shanice

Coming from someone who grew up in Lakewood, I can say this was always one of the more uncomfortably gay moments everytime I would go to the Jake and hear this song everytime Espy would stroll to the plate with his pornstache`.