Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The St. Margaret Mary Royals

Some scenes from the last 24 hours:

  1. After Berroa's HR off of Tallet in the 8th, I say to myself, "Well, there's no way they're going to get 6 in the 9th without some divine intervention." And headed to bed.
  2. The Hand of God came down and apparently holds the Royals' gloves hostage (seriously did you see the Berroa and Ambres drops? They looked like a rec league softball team I knew sponsored by Merry Arts) for the 9th inning, allowing the Tribe to score 11 runs in the 9th, winning the game! 40 winks were commencing for yours truly.
  3. Driving into work, WTAM reports, "And after the news, we'll tell you how the Indians won that game last night." I let out an audible, "What?!?" and nearly blow through a red light.

Unbelievable comeback (truly facilitated by the Royals' ineptitude and the fact that I wasn't waching) last night. Mark your calendar for August 9th as a possible turning point of the season - the moment that the pendulum swings all of the momentum into your favor. As I wrote that sentence, SuperSizemore just hit a Grand Slam. Did someone say momentum? Nothing like having Old Mo' on your side.

The CIR pointed out that Wedge's comment after the game was that he wanted Liefer to bat in place of Broussard in the 9th is interesting in that Broussard has actually been swinging a hot bat. Do you think that Benny is in the plans for 2006? Me neither.

Speaking of 2006 and beyond, here are some snippets from Paul Hoynes' Tuesday article about the Tribe's "Young Guns" - SuperSizemore, Jhon, The Stick, and Pronk:

The best thing about those four players is they could still be together at the end of 2007. Hafner signed a three-year deal in April. It includes a club option for 2008. Martinez is signed through 2009 with a club option for 2010. The Indians control Peralta and Sizemore through 2010.

Not a bad way to spend the next 3 (at least) summers, watching these players mature and improve with each other while the young arms in the majors and the minors provide a steady stream of solid innings. I call that a blueprint for success.

FSN's video montage of showing the Bad News Bears clips (the Mattheau version, of course) interspersed with the lowlights of the Royals' 9th inning was pretty great. How bad did the Royals look that inning? I don't think I've ever seen anything like that happen before, outside of a 5th grade CYO game.

Yankees lost today, so a victory puts the Tribe all by themselves in second place for the Wild Card. It's time to pile on the reeling Royals, and Wedgie seems to have this team primed and ready to do just that.


Anonymous said...

good post, grady backed you up too

"This is a team that feeds off its own enthusiasm," he said. "We don't have a lot of rah-rah guys. But if you create some enthusiasm one night, you want to see it carry over to the next night and the next night."

still no love from espn, but you can't expect much when you beat the royals, i think if tony could of gone 9 strong our 8th grade team had a shot (as long as them moved the backstop up about 20 ft. since nemeth couldn't catch, and the rest of us were afraid to even try)

Anonymous said...

i was too ready to turn it in but for some reason range, [name withheld to protect the innocent], and i stayed up and watched the comeback. hence my 11:05 "wow" posting.

hope i wasnt the only one who saw the BA (brian anderson) interview in the pregame show. my favorite parts were a) he was wearing a GNR tshirt with the sleeves cut off and, he wears #19 for b.kosar.