Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hot Stove Tomahawks

Some quick hitters with all of the awards and Hot Stove League talk:

  • Mark Shapiro was named TSN's Executive of the Year. Warranted for sure, but interesting that he was thought to have done a better job then Ken Williams, who (in a year) transformed his club from a group of underachieving sluggers to small ball playing WS Champs.
  • The Atomic Wedgie came in second in AL Manager of the Year voting, behind Ozzie Guillen. Maybe if he had started the year out without the Magnum P.I. mustache, he could have avoided the slow start and won the Central and the Manager of the Year. Who said anything about superstition?
  • Booger Colon won the AL Cy Young, with Cliff Lee and Kevin Millwood receiving votes. It seems that Colon has finally turned into the ace that everyone thought he would always become. Luckily, the Indians have something to show for it, unlike the Expos and the White Sox. Yesterday, today, and every day I still make that trade.
  • Huston Street won AL ROY, only because Sizemore had too many AB in 2004. Otherwise, Sizemore would have (more than likely) been the first Indian ROY since Sandy Alomar, Jr.
  • Bob Howry is allegedly looking for a 3 year deal worth between $10.5M and $12M. Wow! Basically, he's looking for closer money in the market. Here's the question: Do you re-up with Howry at those numbers, or go after a B.J. Ryan or Tom Gordon. And where does Sticky Wickman fall into this? Luckily, Shapiro is addressing the bullpen now, before all of the arms are pulled off of the market.
  • According to Scott Boras, Kevin Millwood is looking for a 5 year deal, while the Indians' limit seems to be 4 years. All it takes is one team (Baltimore, Detroit, etc.) to make that commitment and Millwood is pitching elsewhere next year. Before you just say, "give him another year, we need him on this team" - remember similar comments were made about Jim Thome and the length of his deal. The Phillies gave Thome the extra years and now have to wear that contract like the albatross around their neck that it is. I'm not sure where I come down on this one, knowing the thinness of the FA starting pitching market, but also knowing that C.C., Lee, and Jake are a pretty solid nucleus of a rotation.
  • Texas and Cleveland are talking trade. David Riske's name has come up, as has Coco Crisp. Paul Hoynes reports that the Indians may be going after Adrian Gonzalez, but what about Riske and Jason Davis for Kevin Mench? Throw in Jason Cooper if they want a young OF.
That's it for now, Lost is starting with that delicious Evangeline Lilly.


Baltimoran said...

PC, i feel your pain, not one glimpse of Lilly...and boy i hate that chic who yells at everyone and shot shannon.

5 yrs. is a long contract for Millwood, i'd offer him four and hope for the best

cavs undefeated at the Q

Cy Slapnicka said...

Pitchers and catchers report Feb 16. Only 97 more days!

Rockdawg said...

Ohio State vs Notre Dame in a BCS Bowl....That would be tremendous!

5 years is definitly too much, but is it worth it, just to have Millwood for the next couple years? I'm torn here, because although our other starters are solid, Millwood is clearly an ace with a positive veteran attitude in the clubhouse. If we sign him for one extra year, I hardly think that we are "mortgaging the future", because the future is now for this team.

Rockdawg said...

I caught the Cavs/Grizz highlights on SC and I swear I saw some people in Cavs uniforms actually playing defense? Didn't coahch Brown explain to these guys that defense, although it can win games, will prevent players from cherry picking and getting wide open dunks? (See Tim Hope)