Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Jim Thome was dealt to the White Sox in exchange for Aaron Rowand and cash.

How's that for a return to the Midwest and the Indians' backyard?

What this means for Konerko and his status with the White Sox and what it means to the AL Central and specifically the Tribe, I'm going to need some time on.


Cy Slapnicka said...

I'd love to know how much cash the Phillies are going to send to the South Side. This is an interesting situation for me. Almost like Bernie being under center for the Steelers or Maverick flying Migs for the commies...

I wonder how this impacts their spending for Konerko and who they will put in CF now. They have some minor leaguer named Brian Anderson, but he's unproven. And didn't they learn their lesson with another mashing 1B/DH that spent more time in the nurses office than on the field?

This all makes me very curious, and to top it all off, Rowand's agent also happens to be Konerko's.

Hopefully this will cause them to enter year 1 of another 88 years.

t-bone said...

Cubs, Howry agree to three-year, $12M dealAssociated Press

CHICAGO -- Bobby Howry agreed to a $12 million, three-year contract with the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday, becoming the second free agent reliever in a week to join the team's restocked bullpen.

Rockdawg said...

Howry signing elsewhere...Thome on the move...Players and teams are on the move...Let's get active Tribe!! I am not going to be happy if we enter the season with Riske and Betancourt. I've held a personal grudge against Riske for years now, and Betancourt probably will never be the same without the juice (see Pudge, Juan Gone, Sosa, Thome, etc.)

Could we just get Lebron to close for us next year?? I don't think putting two franchises in the postseason is over his head.


t-bone said...

How about this angle i was unaware of, that Delgado didnt go to the Mets when he was a free agent because of TONY BERNAZARD!!?!?!?!?