Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lazy Opening Weekend Sunday

O-H-I-Oh no! Not Pronk!

Le Pronque’s record-breaking season has come to an end, which is too bad because of the phenomenal numbers he continues to put up.

However, it could provide the rest of the team (namely guys like Garko and Kouzmanoff) the opportunity to learn how to produce runs without the Sykestown Slugger around. When Hafner comes back next year, it can only help the development of the lineup.

Terry Pluto believes that the bullpen next year will consist of Mastny, Cabrera, Betancourt, and Davis with the other 3 spots being filled by a mix of youngsters (Carmona, Perez, etc.) and veterans that will be brought in.

Paul Hoynes reports that the Tribe will look at bringing back Ronnie Belliard (I hope not for a multi-year deal – though his StL performance won’t help him) or looking at Adam Kennedy. If that’s the plan, I’d almost rather see Super Joe get a longer look.

Hoynes also says that Michael Young is unhappy in Texas. Thinking outside the box, what would it take to pry Young out of Arlington? Peralta and Carmona? How good would he look batting 2nd, or even 3rd, between Grady and Pronk?

Socker examines the success of Jeremy Sowers, who’s on track for one more start on Tuesday at the Jake, where he will hopefully get a rousing ovation of appreciation around the 7th or 8th inning.

Andy Call presents his off-season wish list.

Finally…oh yeah…GO BROWNS!

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Paul Cousineau said...

Young's under contract for '07 at a $3.5M clip and has a club option for '08 that is currently set at $4M, but could bump to $5M with incentives.

Sounds like a pretty manageable contract for a 200+ hit season and a sold glove at SS.