Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weekend Recap

With the Kevin Kouzmanoff Era in full swing and Pronk simply day-to-day (but, really, aren’t we all?), it’s time for some Lazy Sunday:
Sheldon Ocker looks at the Tribe’s rotation for next year and where Mark Shapiro might spend the Dolans’ money.

Terry Pluto examines where the young Indians fit into the 2007 plans and how some ex-Tribesman have fared away from the Jake.

Andy Call of the Canton Repository takes a look at the BLC. Also mentioned in the article is that Burlington is changing their affiliation from the Indians to the Royals.

During the Blue Jays series last week, (the real) Pat Tabler, who announces games for Toronto, but keeps a very close tab on what the Indians do speculated that the Indians rotation could look like this in the VERY near future:

I'm OK with that. Locking up C.C. would be a priority for me in the off-season.

Prior to catching the BGSU-Wisconsin game at CB Stadium last night (which consisted of a night at the Gridiron Grille watching the ND-Georgia Tech game and watching former Badger, current Buffalo Bills WR Lee Evans’ mom do multiple shots), we took in a Jacobs Field tour. Some nuggets that were learned:

  • The Indians are in negotiations with about 15 companies right now for the naming rights for the ballpark. Dick Jacobs is not expected to be in the mix and the announcement should come around November. Get your Jacobs Field gear now, if you want, because that name will be obsolete in 2 months.
  • The dugout suites are just about the greatest thing I’ve ever seen and would kill to see a game from that vantage point, which is actually closer home plate than the pitcher’s mound.
  • The WWE belt that was bestowed to Travis Hafner earlier this year is behind the sales counter at the Team Shop. It is not for sale, nor is it available for paying customers to try on for a photo opportunity. Telling the clerk that you are a season ticket holder does not make a difference.
  • The dugout phone has a list of extensions (press box, official scorer, etc.), which includes Mark Shapiro (x4315), presumably so the Atomic Wedgie can find out when to put on the hit-and-run from the GM.
  • The player’s parking assignments are based on tenure in the ML, meaning that Aaron Boone parks the closest of all the Indians. It is not so Boone’s car is the closest for Panini’s runs for players who actually PLAY. Yes, it was asked.
  • There is a clock in the batting cages behind the Tribe dugout with a broken faceplate. Written on the broken glass, in permanent marker, is “Albert Belle Memorial Clock”.
  • The Indians are adding a permanent Hall of Fame at the park to honor the players whose numbers are retired. The site has not yet been determined.
  • When visiting the field, you ARE NOT allowed to take wind sprints in the outfield, or go onto the grass for ANY reason.
  • The clubhouse is not part of the tour and the door is marked “INDIANS TEAM & STAFF ONLY”. Below that, it stated “NO FAMILY, FRIENDS, OR AGENTS ALLOWED”. We called it the Juan Gonzalez addendum.
  • The Press Box has little cubbyholes behind where the newspaper writers sit that are filled with every ML Media Guide, except one. One of the cubbyholes was filled only by salt and peppershakers and a bottle of Tabasco sauce. So, we know where Bill Livingston takes in Tribe games.


Baltimoran said...

i could see moving byrd or westbrook, but not both of them. if it was up to me, i would keep westbrook.

good investigative reporting on the jake and more importantly, Lee Evan's Mom...I'm even more happy I drafted him on my fantasy team with the Bill's starting Pete Siska at quarterback

t-bone said...

PC and all, next time there's an "open house", go to it and you'll get in the clubhouse. A buddy and I did back in February, I believe. They even let people snag any media guides that were leftover from last year. I had a couple, then realized the only thing a 2004 Oakland A's and 2005 Baltimore Orioles media guide would be good for is a coaster.

Sucks about the naming rights, though. I was hoping that would never happen, or figure out a way to do it like the Browns stadium where they named the gates.

How about the news out of Akron, eh?

Posted on Wed, Sep. 06, 2006

Aeros' chances take a hit
By Stephanie Storm
Beacon Journal sportswriter

The Aeros begin the fight to defend their Eastern League title tonight against the Altoona Curve.

But a clubhouse fight could present the team with a bigger challenge.

All-Star second baseman Eider Torres has been placed on the disabled list and will miss the playoffs. Steady reliever Bubbie Buzachero has been kicked off the team and placed on the restricted list after a fistfight in the clubhouse before Sunday's game in Erie.

``The bottom line is we had an altercation in the clubhouse that left Eider with a broken jaw and Bubbie no longer with the team,'' Aeros manager Tim Bogar said Tuesday after the team's brief workout.