Thursday, October 26, 2006

Desert Days

With the sun making a rare appearance on the North Coast today, it’s time to think about some fellas playing ball under the bright Arizona Sun. That’s right, cue the applause…it’s time for an Arizona Fall League Update!

A few position players have started very strongly for the Peoria Javelinas, whose hat could be the most repulsive piece of headgear seen since the old Expos multi-color lids, so let’s start there:

Super Joe Inglett has played primarily at 2B and continues to put up decent numbers, though power will certainly never be his strength as his 11 hits are all singles. He’s hitting at a .458 clip with an OPS of .958 in 24 AB’s. Truthfully, Inglett should thrive in this setting as he is 28 years old and likely figures to be a Big League utility infielder, barring a miraculous re-discovery of Hector Luna’s glove.

The Kouz has picked up where he left off, hitting .387 with an OPS (surprise, surprise) over 1.000 at 1.151. K2 has 22 RBI in 7 games and an amazing SLG of .710 thus far. He’s seeing some time at 1B, presumably to improve his versatility. One has to wonder why, with Garko at 1B and an unsettled OF, Kouzmanoff wouldn’t see some time in LF to see if he can handle the position. As evidenced by his continued success, his bat doesn’t seem to be the issue; his defense and health are the big question marks.

Trevor Crowe’s successful young career continues its upward trend, with him hitting .357 with an OPS of .869. He’s playing exclusively in the OF and hitting 3rd in most games, so there’s no doubt that Crowe is on the fast track. Crowe is very highly thought of in the organization, and, obviously throughout the AFL.

The final position player, Javier Herrera has seen only 10 AB’s in 3 games (the Javelinas have played 15 games), but has played well with a 2B and an RBI.

Pitcher-wise, Tony Sipp is the most recognizable name there and one VERY poor outing (how about 4 BB, 1 H, 3ER in 1/3 of an inning) has influenced his numbers as his ERA has leaped to 7.71. The organization has high hopes for Sipp, as he projects as that homegrown LOOGY that the Indians have never really had. Sipp will get a look in the Spring, but will likely start in the Buffalo bullpen with the rest of the reinforcements.

Reid Santos has had the best showing of any Tribe pitcher, throwing relief innings in 5 games without letting up a run. Santos pitched out of the bullpen in Kinston last year and as a lefty, like Sipp, could always be fast-tracked as a LOOGY if success comes quickly. He made the transition from being a starter in Lake County in 2005 to the bullpen in Kinston and figures to play the role this year in Akron, and possibly Buffalo, this year.

Kyle Collins, like Santos and Sipp, has pitched out of the bullpen in the Tribe organization and has done so in Arizona, with mixed results. He’s been up and down, with 2 awful outings, that have led to the 9.00 ERA through 5 IP. With Collins, the Indians are trying to give him some extra innings, under their watchful eye, to determine where he slots into the future of the bullpen.

Jake Dittler has been asked to leave the team, and has been replaced by another prospect. After getting outrighted off of the 40-man roster and clearing waivers, it’s not been a good 2 months for the 23 year old former #1 pick.

By the way, for those inquiring minds in the group, here’s what a Javelina is.


pojo said...

Thanks for the update on the Arizona Fall League. I am curious about K2 not playing the outfield. It would seem like the right move.

I'm looking forward to Crowe's development...

Tommy Lee said...

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