Sunday, October 22, 2006

Quick Lazy Sunday

Not too much in the way of Lazy Sunday today, with attention focused squarely on the World Series, the Browns, and the Cavs, but here’s a quick run-down:

Paul Hoynes mentions that there could be some Asian flavor to the Indians’ roster next year with Japanese 3B/2B Akinori Iwamura getting permission to play in MLB next year, as well as the possibility that there could be some bullpen help in the Pacific Rim.

Iwamura looks to be a power-hitting, slick-fielding player who strikes out quite a bit.

Interestingly, here’s a picture from earlier this year on his website that shows him at Chain o’ Lakes Park with…Tribe Bench Coach Jeff Datz!

If anyone who speaks Japanese wants to translate his website for the common good, it would be greatly appreciated.

That’s it for local print, but here’s a few more random thoughts:

Hopefully, if this Paul Byrd to Atlanta idea has any legs, it happens at a time when Bob Wickman is sitting up in a deer stand in Northern Wisconsin. The deer stand may have his shotgun and a cooler full of High Life tall boys, but a cell phone is unlikely. So when John Schuerholz calls for Sticky’s blessing on acquiring Byrd, Wickman is unreachable to discount the accomplishments of his sparring partner. Schuerholz will pull the trigger, Byrd will return to Atlanta, and maybe bring some protective headgear in anticipation of a reunion with his one-time sparring partner.

The PD announced some cuts in their newspaper staff and, while you never want to see anyone lose their jobs, Mr. Swerb over at Swerb’s Blurbs captures the feelings on this news very eloquently.

Finally, and having nothing to do with the Indians, I’ve recently been introduced to a website, Pandora Internet Radio, which allows you to listen to music (for free) while online. The site asks you to create your own “radio station” by identifying your favorite musical group or song, and then plays similar music along the same genres. If a song plays that you don’t like, you simply click on “thumbs-down” for the song and the site records it in your personal profile and attempts to find more songs to your liking.

It’s completely free to sign up (as long as you can put up with a banner ad on the side of the page), and you can even ask not to receive newsletters, e-mails, etc. It’s an amazing way to find out about new artists in your musical wheelhouse that you would never have heard about otherwise, and provides great background music to anytime that you spend online.

As the DiaBride said, “I don’t know how this benefits anybody, but us…and I’m all for that.”

Take some time to check it out, particularly if you like music and spend a good deal of time online.
You can thank me later.


R.M. Jennings said...

Babael Fish can sometimes do the trick. Here's what the guy's website looks like using that translator.

While we're at it, be sure to check out the other Ramirez's website - apparently he's a big deal in The Land of the Rising Sun.

Baltimoran said...

i didn't think it was possible to tear both patellars at the same time...nice work Baxter, you as*#ole

t-bone said...

a few weeks too late, but at least mr. carthon is gone.

i'm a yahoo launchcast subscriber, so we'll see how this pandora "my station" compares with yahoo's.

Cy Slapnicka said...

carthon is the browns jason johnson.

and i am starting to think romeo is our wedgy. i hate hearing romeo say things like "if it works its a good play, if it doesn't its bad" at least parcells says he was embarrassed for putting a team like that out there when interviewed after a bad game.

the least romeo could do for us is act like his evil twin and punch the microphone. at least i'd be entertained.

t-bone said...

ABC Online

ABC Sport - Basketball - Axed Dragons coach lashes out at Heal

[This is the print version of story]

Last Update: Tuesday, October 24, 2006. 3:22pm AEST

Ousted South Dragons coach Mark Price.. bitter at Shane Heal. (Getty Images)

Axed Dragons coach lashes out at Heal
Dumped South Dragons coach Mark Price believes he was undermined by his replacement Shane Heal.

The four-time NBA All-Star was sacked yesterday after the newly-formed Dragons lost their fifth straight game, with Heal picked to take over while also continuing as a player.

Price said he believed Heal had a long-running agenda to get rid of him and said that after relocating his family to Australia to take the post, he was shocked at how he had been treated.

"It's most disturbing to know that while I was trying to get our guys to come together as a team, there was another agenda going on behind the scenes," he said.

"I've been in professional basketball a long time and I've never seen the undermining of a coach quite like this before.

"I'm not bitter, I think Shane's the one that has to live with himself at this point in time.

"My whole point was to try to get us playing together as a team and obviously before our last couple of games, Shane as well as other people were working on replacing me.

"Obviously he had his own agenda going on the whole time. I've done nothing but spoken highly of Shane Heal ever since I've been here.

"I looked at Shane as a guy who would lead our team, be a leader on the floor for me and obviously I never really had his full support."

Heal denied yesterday that he had any part in Price's sacking, and reaffirmed that stance today.

"I had absolutely no part in getting rid of Mark Price," he said.

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