Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Baseball? Not Tonight

With the Indians just rolling, winning every which way, it’s time to go a little off-topic to address something that’s been bothering me since Opening Day of 2007. The bothersome development is the sad state of ESPN’s Baseball Tonight.

Has an institution that was so revered and loved ever fallen so far so fast?

Perhaps it’s a byproduct of the overall decline of ESPN, which I feel started with Craig Kilborn’s stint on SportsCenter. You won’t find a bigger fan of Kilborn from those days than yours truly, but what he started was a movement by the ESPN “personalities” to become a bigger draws than the games and highlights themselves. A trend exacerbated by Kenny Mayne, then Stuart Scott, SportsCenter became half stand-up, and half anchors’ “taglines”. Lost in the mix was the actual coverage of games and insight and analysis that intelligent sports fans appreciated on a daily basis.

When ESPN made the movement to bring in loud-mouthed newspapermen, trying to make a name for themselves (Mike Wilbon being the exception), it only added air under ESPN’s jump over the shark.
Don’t get me started on how ESPN Classic went from a fantastic concept to a joke of a network, airing “Classic” bowling tournaments, World Series of Poker tournaments, and drag races.

Sadly, included in this decline is our beloved Baseball Tonight, which for years was a revolutionary concept – a nightly show of highlights of every game, inside information from Peter Gammons, insight and opinion from Harold Reynolds, and an occasional visit from well-spoken, intelligent baseball men (like Bobby Valentine or Buck Showalter) who took the opportunity to stay involved in the game while between jobs.

Baseball Tonight was a nightly fixture for any intelligent, interested baseball fan. Between Gammons’ genius and infinite knowledge of seemingly every player in every organization in MLB (yes, his contacts are that good) and Reynolds calling like he saw it (regardless of whether you agreed with him, it was at least articulate and had opinions based in logic and MLB experience) – the show was relevant every night. Some segments worked (Web Gems), while others didn’t (remember the “Name the Flying Baseball” that introduced the HR of the night), but you had to watch it because you didn’t want to miss Gammons slyly intimating that a trade was afoot or Reynolds hilariously pretending to swing a bat about 3 times in a telecast to show what a player was doing wrong.

Well, as with most good things, it has come to an end.
Maybe it was Gammons’ health scare that convinced him to not stay on the nightly show, or Reynolds’ unceremonious firing from ESPN, but the show has devolved into a 3-ring circus. With the addition of John Kruk and Steve Phillips to the everyday lineup with Karl Ravech (who must just sit there every night wondering what the hell happened), the show has lost all credibility and fails to even be interesting. I can’t tell you the last time I sat through a whole show, which would be simply unheard of a mere 2 years ago, when my post-game viewing revolved around it.

The problem with the show in its current incarnation is that it seemingly tries to be like The Best Damn Sports Show Period or TNT’s NBA Studio Crew (a bunch of guys who enjoy each other and talk sports while having fun); the difference is that there’s nothing fun about the show, and the personalities couldn’t be less compelling (unlike Chuck and Magic). To pass the show off as anything remotely insightful or “insider” is irresponsible.

Blame John Kruk and the ridiculous comments that he makes and the rest of the studio for letting him skate on his nightly inaccuracies and bombast just because he talks the loudest. Kruk’s exchange with Orel Hershiser about Chris Young and Kruk’s absurd ideas about how Young should pitch smarter because he’s from the Ivy League, which were challenged by Orel, lends only a microcosm as to why Kruk is the wrong analyst for this show as he just yelled louder than Orel to make his “point”. He may know something about baseball, but it certainly doesn’t come across as he appears lazy or misinformed for not knowing things about MLB that even casual fans do. Kruk is a personality and a meathead, who has a place in TV – but please, not commandeering the Baseball Tonight set, bullying his patently false information and ill-formed opinions on the dwindling viewership.

But Kruk comes across as Stephen Hawking when compared to the embarrassment that is Steve Phillips. Phillips once famously said that Cliff Lee was the best LHP in the AL (over Santana, Francisco Liriano, C.C., Zito, Buerhle, Kenny Rogers, etc.), leading Reynolds to scoff (correctly) that Lee wasn’t even the best LHP on his team. The problem now (among many, many others related to Phillips) is that nobody challenges Phillips as he makes observations and opinions that are regularly about 95% crazy talk. He provides no inside information (shocking for a former MLB GM) and deals mainly in generalities, which should basically be vanilla, except that those generalities are ALWAYS wrong. I never thought I’d be able to completely tune out a man who spent time as a Minor League Player and a MLB GM who SHOULD know something about baseball. But every time that Phillips appears on my TV, my radio, or my computer, I rush to get his ignorance and misinformation as far away from my brain as possible so as to avoid any possible osmosis from the Village Idiot.

It’s a sad state of affairs when I go out of my way to NOT watch Baseball Tonight and it’s not because they show Red Sox and Yankees highlights for 20 minutes, analyze those two teams for the next 20 minutes, THEN get into the other highlights of the night – sometimes not even showing ONE highlight from a game. In an hour, they won’t show ONE highlight from an MLB game, but can talk about Darrell Rasner’s injury and what it means to a team 10 games out of 1st (in mid-May) going forward. I was able to get over that fact (BBTN has always been Red Sox/Yankees Central) because the rest of the show was so chock full of highlights, so informative and compelling.

Is BBTN too far gone to save?
I don’t think so, but it needs to return to its roots, to become the source for baseball information for intelligent baseball fans everywhere. Send Kruk back to BDSSP or send him to the locker rooms of different games where Kruk is most comfortable, enjoying some post-game pops with the boys. It would certainly be an improvement over having the players call in, which in this age of technology is frankly embarrassing. As for Phillips, I don’t care…give him the Old Yeller treatment or do whatever is needed to make him disappear from the baseball broadcasting landscape forever.

Then what can be done with Baseball Tonight?
It’s likely that Gammons won’t return to the nightly gig, but Tim Kurkjian and Buster Olney (or how about Rob Neyer) need to make up a rotation for a permanent spot on the set, where they can impart their passion and knowledge about the inner workings of the front offices around MLB. For former players to join the desk to provide insight and analysis, why not have Hershiser to talk about pitching and Tony Gwynn (who now has a contract with TBS) to talk about hitting? Those two would be able to explain why a player would be mired in a prolonged slump or why a reliever may be experiencing some recent difficulties.

It’s telling that I’d rather watch the one-hour show on FOX (with Zelasco, Karros, and Kennedy) on Saturday than watch any episode of BBTN at any point during the week. It’s because the FOX show focuses on baseball and offers the opinions of informed broadcasters, while BBTN has become a shell of its former self.

Years ago, a good trivia question was what the E in ESPN stood for (it’s Entertainment).
Now, the better question is what the S stands for.

Baseball Tonight, in its current form, is just one example of that disturbing trend.
It is the example that disappoints me most as the summer nights continue.


Cy Slapnicka said...

i couldn't agree more. i prefer HGTV at night before dozing off as opposed to BBTN. When your primary demographic states that openly without fear of ridicule from his peers, you know you have problems. What surprises me is that nobody has stepped up to the plate and challenged the so called world leader.

Bob said...

Great entry. It's not just Baseball Tonight, like you said either. It's ESPN as a whole.

The only show I can watch in it's entirety on that network is PTI.

Milkey said...

Remember when ESPN used to broadcast sports and MTV used to show music videos?

"Hugs and Hand Pounds everyone."

[milkey jabs pen in own eye.]

Monkeydarts said...

The great thing is that the show and ESPN generally is now irrelevant for the fan. I can watch all the highlights I need on team websites for free. It used to be you'd sit through an hour of ESPN waiting for that 45 seconds of highlight you wanted to see. Thanks to Mr. Internet those days are gone. ESPN seldom lights up my plasma these days and I get more sports information than ever before. Life just keeps getting better in America.

swarty said...

So that's why they call this blog "The Diatribe".

Nice work. I too miss Harold Reynolds. He must have done something really stupid to get fired like that.

I turn on BBTN and kkep the sound off most nights, waiting for my little Indian morsel.

Cy Slapnicka said...

What amazes me about HR is that Fox Sports has not picked him up. He must have done something real bad for Fox of all networks not to employ him. But you'd think they'd start their own baseball show and promote the hell out of it during their saturday broadcasts.

If it was a good format, we all know we'd watch it. He'd just need a partner.

GA Hill said...

Really could not be said better. Baseball Tonight went from being a TiVo staple to unwatchable for me...and this is over the course of only 3 years!

ESPN is an embarrassment. And the fact that Steve Phillips actually collects a check for announcing and providing opinions on baseball pretty much sums up how much credibility ESPN has.

Tara said...

The only useful thing ESPN brings to baseball analysis is when ESPN Classic shows "This Week in Baseball" reruns. The squad at BBTN could learn a thing or three from Mel Allen.

Jeffrey said...

what really gets me going is when they ignore certain teams, especially during segments like touch em all...countless times ive seen the marins have multi-HR games and none get played on the touch em all segment. if you aren't a socks or yankees fan its pointless to watch because you might not even see a highlight from your teams game

Phony Gwynn said...

Now THAT is how you de-construct a once-proud show, my friends. Nicely done.

As a huge Gwynn fan, I must say - he sounds like he just kicked in the gonads, but the man does know what he's talking about.

There's a reason George Will picked him and Hershiser to talk about in Men At Work. That would be a great combo.

Chimpanzee Rage said...

i remember watching sportscenter 2 or 3 times in a row and bbtn twice in a day as well, evening and late night...now...i dont even watch either. Rather read it online & watch a clip online as well. Dont have to deal with the screaming heads on ESPN anymore. I dont want to be yelled at when i watch my television.

Pawtucket Pat said...

Everything you wrote is spot-on. What amazes me is how ESPN can keep trotting out these clowns and not realize just how badly they are alienating their core fan base. Who actually watches Sportscenter and Baseball Tonight these days? Both used to be destination viewing for me, but now I skip over them unless there is absolutely NOTHING else on.

Mike said...

I think it's heyday was actually a few years back when Kruk first came on, and HR was still there. The best host is obviously Ravech. Prior to that, we had Mike McFarlane and a bevy of other MLB rejects.

However, Kruk eventually led to its downfall when he basically ran out of intelligent things to say. Now he gets so riled up and sanctimonious, but he has no ground to stand on while Orel is cerebral and trounces him.

German Village Media said...

Love the blog. Just linked you on our site.

Go Tribe!

TheNaturalMevs said...

Strong post PT.

I can honestly say that Baseball Tonight is the microcosm of crap that ESPN as a whole has become on the big stage.

Jeremy said...

Nice piece. Everything you said is spot on. Did anyone catch the ridiculous "Top ten pitcher draft that was in action Tuesday night"? Kruk and Hershisher seemed embarrassed to do it.

Steve said...

Scarily enough, apparently some of the dumb things Kruk says aren't really his fault, as the producers have been known to instruct him on what stance to take in order to provoke "debate."

Not a defense of the big dummy, just a clarifier that the man does what he's told -- which kinda makes him even worse....

Matt said...

how about instead of showing baseball tonight, they just show TWIB replays from over the years? i could deal with that.

SlickBomb said...

Amen, and A-MEN. BBTN used to be the best show on television... now it's an abomination that goes nicely along with everything else TWWLIS has done recently. Why not bring back Buck Showalter for a turn? After he leaves, they can win another Emmy.

Oops Pow Surprise said...

Amen. Last night, they conducted a draft of the night's starting pitchers (?!), which featured, among other inanities, Kruk stating that Kazmir would dominate an overworked Seattle team.

Naturally, Seattle had already won 5-2, as Kazmir gave up 2 runs in a 5-inning, no decision effort.

Pathetic. Get him and Phillips off the TV already.

CleveSportsPerspective said...

You are absolutely correct. Some of the "analysts" ESPN has for baseball are just ridiculous. Fernando Vina? I also rarely watch Baseball Tonight any more. The only ESPN network I watch is ESPNews. It's like Sportscenter without the annoying ESPN personalities.

JRE said...

The "S" stands for Shit.

Or, how bout this?

ESPN, which should from now on stand for "Execute Steve Phillips Now".

Spot on post, by the way.

J Money said...

Amen to all above. I was going to point our Fernando Vina but a commenter just above me did... I mean, have you seen an episode with him on it? It's like he's scared to say anything and when he does, it's just... nonsense. He referred to John Buck as one of the most talented hitters in the league one night. Come on.

Anyway, yes, this show was unmissable for baseball junkies four or five years ago when the lineup would regularly be Karl, Harold and either Gammons or Buck Showalter. Good chemistry, good knowledge, no screaming, no ridiculous out-of-their-ass "predictions" or "statements." Just good baseball fun. Oh well, maybe someday we'll get it back.

Rickey Henderson said...

Strong blog my friend. Rickey shall return here often.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

This was very well written. If your blog didn't focus on the Tribe I'd be a more frequent visitor. I do have to disagree on one topic: Fox's baseball show. Kevin Kennedy is awful and Zelasko is even worse.

Fargo Highlife said...

Totally agree about BBTN. Steve Phillips is not only incredibly stupid, but lacks any credibility. It's not like he simply quit his GM job - HE GOT FIRED!! Can't the "premier" baseball show get someone better than a guy who got canned to provide insight?

And as for Orel, I really can't get past his creepy eyebrows whenever he's talking.

Steven said...

Excellent take down. I have to agree also with what Monkeydarts said. With the Internet, and getting MLB.tv where I can watch highlights for each game, I don't watch ESPN anymore unless they have a game on I want to watch.

ESPN: Eastern Seaboard Propaganda Network

Rockdawg said...

First off, don't EVER make fun of the Classic....Yes, it spends WAY too much time showing bowling, poker, etc....But I don't know what I would do with myself if I didn't have my nightly dose of Classic Boxing at 8:00. Teddy Atlas may be the best analyst on ESPN right now. I've been hollaring for Orel for months as well, although I find Gwynn's speaking voice annoying. Happy belated PTC!

hoover said...

good post ... i think losing HR and Gammons getting sick really changed things up.
I'm not ashamed to say I still watch the show every night. I think the phoners with players and coaches are a good idea...they're quick and to the point. You had a good game, we'll get you on. done.
What can BBTN do to get back into your hearts? It can't only be about the analysts.

alcame said...

wow.. it's pretty rare all of us commenting agree on something but the style of substance of ESPN is going too far. watching that pitcher's draft last night was difficult to stomach. i'm sick of hearing about the yankees and i'm not an indians fan (cubs.. yeah.. i know) but we should hear more about the indians than a team 10 1/2 games back.

Jason said...

Sportscenter is blasphemous at this point. BBTN is bad but not nearly as bad as SC. It's fucking May, I don't care about the NFL right now. Stop trying to tie that league in with everything. That drives me crazy and I'm a huge NFL fan. Also, the NHL (which I love) would get better ratings and respect if ESPN promoted it as much as the other major sports. ESPN is what generates the buzz about league so the less they promote something the less it will sell. It's a vicious cycle. And this comes from someone that was a PA for ESPN two years ago. Ugh.

t-bone said...

hoover, alcame said it all. like most people who commented here or on the deadspin comments this afternoon, yanksox tonight has me watching the worldwide leader less and less (outside of PTI) every day.

welcome everyone who came through because of deadspin or sports by brooks today, from all of the diatribe faithful. hope to have you back regularly!

metsnyc said...

Hey Great Post! I feel the same way, it has become hard to watch unfortunately.

Matthew said...

It's worth noting that Steve Phillips demonstrated great amounts of "ignorance and misinformation" as a GM, too. (Mo Vaughn, anyone?) So, at least he's consistent.

I wouldn't be surprised if he received his info from baseball GMs and insiders, who are intentionally giving him bad info because he's a sucker. Breaks up the monotony.

Helbert said...

Not ony has BBTN reached rock bottom, but I can't stand the constant turnover they have. Everyday is a diferent analyst, and that's why there's no chemistry whatsoever. Karl Ravech is the only constant on the show. We need more Jayson Stark, more Buster Olney, and less Steve Phillips and Kruk.
I can't stand Ernie Young, he says "I tell you what..." waaaaay too often. And tonight, I heard him say: "The Mets WAS playing bad" it's WERE Mr Young.

bamahoops said...

You know what ESPN needs... they need to produce more Emmy caliber movies. Like that NACAR one or the unforgetable Bear Bryant one or the must see Bobby Knight one.

BBTN is AUful nowdays... I'd rather pick lint out of my belly button.

The HR story was he was a little too frisky with the chickas. That was the story leaked out.... I think it was a way for ESPN to rid themselves of HR who didn't agree with the direction of BBTN in recent years.

Great post BTW.

Doberman Demeanor said...

You couldn't be more correct about this. Baseball Tonight was awesome. One of the reasons I wanted baseball season to start was so I could watch this show. Now, forget it. It's gone. Bring the journalists back and for the love of God, axe Phillips.

Arthur Digby Sellers said...

Kruk's hair is as vile as a carved pumpkin 18 days after Halloween.

Would rather watch D Daulton on Pros v. Joes.

Good work, sir.

David said...

wow good work. just fantastic. i used to watched bbtn about three years ago. hr and bobby v and gammons and loved it. i never watch it anymore. it's just not the same show!

great work. every word was golden.

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