Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Time for a Army of Slump Busters

Much more on the Indians' inactivity at the Trading Deadline and how the trades made could affect the Tribe down the stretch still to come in the next few days.
More importantly, the Indians' offense is scuffling.

And it's not just one player.
The Tribe's numbers in the month of July (first pointed out to me by the incomparable Steve Buffum):
Tribe Player /BA /OBP /SLG /OPS
Ryan Garko /.382 /.450 /.691 /1.141

Franklin Gutierrez /.306 /.340 /.551 /.891

Victor Martinez /.262 /.363 /.464 /.827

Trot Nixon /.294 /.390 /.431 /.821

Ben Francisco /.263 /.310 /.500 /.810

Grady Sizemore /.245 /.336 /.461 /.797

Jhonny Peralta /.281 /.350 /.427 /.777

Casey Blake /.250 /.318 /.450 /.768

Travis Hafner /.260 /.333 /.417 /.750

Josh Barfield /.213 /.256 /.263 /.518

Jason Michaels /.186 /.234 /.209 / .443

Mike Rouse /.125 /.211 /.125 /.336

Kelly Shoppach /.097 /.147 /.129 /.276

To have all but two of your regulars under .800 for OPS (three if you count the Trotter and Frank the Tank) means that the disease is widespread and contagious.

The Indians need to snap out of this collective funk...and fast - before they waste any more stellar performances by C.C. and Fausto.


t-bone said...

I'll quote myself in comments from a week ago:

"I'm back to the WTF is going on here? Victor and Garko hitting .321, then no other "regular" is even hitting .280? We've got to snap out of it very, very soon. Like tonight."

For the heck of it, I looked back the boxscore of the day they canned Eddie and Shelton took over. Averages look eerily similar.

t-bone said...

F-Cab... OUT!

rodells said...

Who does Gabbard equal in our org? Not that I was dead set on Gagne, just trying to figure worth of these guys. I know Boston probably has more org depth pitching-wise, so it might be harder to equate.

And we compared Inman to Lofgren, and from what I can tell on the boards, I don't think Gabbard is as good as advertised (he's got that Boston hype feel about him), or has a higher ceiling than Inman for that matter (Gabbard's pitching above his head right now and he's nothing more than a 3/4 starter if that). But, he did impress me, for whatever that's worth.

So...I'm still shuked as to why nothing was done on our end. Fine, Shapiro, you don't want to relive Giles for Rincon. Well neither do I. But IMO Giles was more regarded than Francisco. This leads me to believe either everyone wanted Gutierrez (who I would NOT have traded in most circumstances) or everyone wanted pitching (which we know Shapiro won't deal, at least our top line prospects, I'm fine with that). If that's the case, I guess I can live with it. We don't have a Kyle Davies to trade, unless some team equates Sowers to him. Ya right. I just think we had to have something expendable to a team like Pitt or StL for pen help. TB wanted the world and thensome for Wheeler or Reyes...and I'm sure the same goes for Houston who probably thinks they are close again next year.

Did anyone hear the last minute Lee for Wickman rumor...then the Braves sending Lee, Reyes and Escobar to the Sox for Vazquez?

mini-rant over....now let's HIT THE BALL.