Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'll Have the Lazy Sunday on A Roll, Please

Well, the hitting has come around (Mr. Dolan, the bats have woken up) and the streak is on. Sitting 5 ½ up, getting complete game 4-hitters from the #4 starter, baking pies in the clubhouse in anticipation of another win, this team has found its stride and couldn’t have done it at a better time.

The lineup appears to be locked in.
The starting pitchers are all pitching like they don’t want to be the one to stop the streak.
The bullpen (JoeBo’s theatrics considered) is falling into place.

What more do you need to make a wonderful holiday weekend?

A Lazy Sunday, perhaps? Ask…and you shall receive:
Terry Pluto brings his knowledge north to the PD (where it was SORELY needed), commenting on…well, exactly what I’ve been talking about here about the Tribe.
Maybe Terry has this page bookmarked? Regardless, welcome back Terry.

Cliff Lee (and Francisco, Rivas, and Koplove) all have joined the parent club and Lee still doesn’t seem to get it. Lee (obviously) is headed to the bullpen but doesn’t understand why. Quoth Mr. Five and Flee, “It's a concern. I thought I had a pretty set role, now it's not there anymore. I'm kind of curious what the future holds for me here. That's a question I really can't answer."

Um, Cliff? I’m pretty sure you flamed out in the Tribe rotation and didn’t exactly set Buffalo afire. So, if I understand this right, you should have your spot in the rotation, just sitting there for you to occupy? Be happy that you got called up and are on the team, in any role.
Nice to see that Cliff’s thinking about the name on the front of his jersey and not the back.
Here’s the answer to the question that you refer to in your quote. Buh-bye, Cliffie

As for the other call-ups, Rivas was a surprise as he’s a redundancy on a roster full of middle infielders and Rivas doesn’t bring anything obvious to the table that the current Indians lack. Francisco looks like a defensive replacement and pinch runner, as other RH OF exist in front of him for playing time and pinch hitting. Koplove could be the sleeper, though, as he did perform very well in Arizona a few years back (19 holds in 2004) and could work his way onto the postseason roster if he’s able to prove that he could add more to the team than, say, Tom Mastny.

No link for Sheldon Ocker as his relevance in Tribe-related matters belongs in the funny pages, on a good day.

Tribe goes for nine in a row and another sweep today with Jake taking on Contreras. On paper, it looks good for the Erie Warriors, but that’s why they play the games.

Somebody get the thermometer…I think I’ve got a case of Indian Fever!


Baltimoran said...

PC does in fact have Indian Fever as he rallied pied me in the face last night with a whip cream wash least i think it was pc, i thought i saw a man in a 33 jersey hiding behind the couch...hard to tell though as whip cream leaves a white haze over the eyes even after washed off...yes this really happened, and luckily for paul, i had some yueng lings in my system and appreciated the comedy and I had just dominated in a card game named JERK...which was being celebrated tribe style

Voltaire said...

Today non-withstanding, I share your affliction.

(Oh, and I'll be the first to say that Koplove didn't look sharp at all. But if that's his only hiccup, I can't see how he doesn't beat out Mastny for a spot on any sort of roster)