Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Look Back Before Looking Ahead

With the only question remaining of “When”, not “If” (though it’s been that way for a couple of days now) for the AL Central Pennant to be raised at the Jake, I thought it would be interesting to look back on the thoughts of one man prior to Opening Day.

Posted April 1st – the 2007 Team Outlook.

How about the predictions on Carmona and the mention of Jensen Lewis, Rafael Perez, and Asdrubal in the season preview?

If you’re keeping score at home for my predictions, they broke down like this:
AL East – Boston
AL Central – Cleveland
AL West – Oakland
AL Wild Card – Chicago

NL East – Philadelphia
NL Central – Milwaukee
NL West – Los Angeles
NL Wild Card – New York

ALDS – Cleveland over Oakland, Boston over Chicago
NLDS – Philadelphia over Milwaukee, New York over Los Angeles

ALCS – Cleveland over Boston
NLCS – New York over Philadelphia

World Series – Cleveland over New York

If it all breaks like that, sometime in late October or early November, Indians fans will rejoice worldwide and all will be right with the world.

Not too bad, with the notable exception of overrating Oakland, Chicago (AL), and Los Angeles (NL). The four championship series participants still look pretty good and I’ll continue to stand by them.

Gotta love the Baltimoran chiming in that none of PD writers picked the Tribe to make the playoffs though, while I know that to be true, I can’t find any record of the picks from the “experts” at the PD.

Back when I was about 12 I used to save those MLB/Tribe Preview Special Sections, but the realization that those guys know about as much about the Tribe as the folks hopping on the suddenly swelling bandwagon forces me to recycle that as quickly as the “Travel” Section.

If anyone has (or can find) the predictions from the local pundits, please post them.

In the meantime – it could happen tonight, it could happen tomorrow…but it is happening.
Get ready Cleveland!
The AL Central Pennant is coming back to where it belongs!


Cy Slapnicka said...

not looking good tonight, but at least detroit is losing. good to see pronk with 2 doubles though. anyone else find it absolutely ridiculous that the yankees are within stiking distance of the best record in baseball?

my parents are going tomorrow and my mom and a friend are making a sign that says "grady's grannies". god bless her. keep an eye out for the sign in the LF foul corner. hopefully they witness the clincher if it doesn't happen tonight.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Five of us going today....I get to run the bases with my grandson Jayden who thinks he is Grady. I'm pretty excited but he isn't...this is the 5th time he's run em this year! Today we CLINCH!

Andy said...

The only prediction I remember from the PD was Hoynes' bizarre pick that the Tribe would win 85-90 games and somehow finish 4th

Rockdawg said...

What do you all think about the "Souviner City" HR call? I think it's kind of jake (pun very much intended), but I can't decide if it is a poor HR call, or if it is just not fair to be compared to Tommy Boy "AAAWWAAAAYYYYY BACK....GONE!" The boys on SC actually made a Souvenir City shout out the other day.

Side note...I asked everyone I work with at the local Golf Galaxy(here in Charlotte, NC) "Who has the best record in baseball?" (this was on Saturday, when the Tribe had the best record). 1 out of 9 said the Tribe, while everyone else said Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, or Cubs. Just the result of STILL not getting any national attention...makes me sick.

Can the Brownies pull a repeat today? (on offense, not defense). Is it possible that they catch some of the Tribe's playoff energy and win a couple games off of that? C'MON BROWNIES!! LET'S GO TRIBE!!! DON'T HURT YOURSELF LEBRON!!! What a great time to be a Cleveland sports fan.

Anonymous said...

Cy...saw your mom with her sign on the scoreboard a big cheer from the crowd around us...