Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Already Monday Lazy Sunday

So I’m sitting at Flannery’s with a few buddies after “work” Sunday night, playing the touch screen sports trivia game (yes, after playing several rounds of photo hunt), when the second-ever call to the bullpen came. PC, out in sunny SoCal, was unavailable to turn in the Lazy Sunday. Thus, here is your very much abbreviated version of the LS, courtesy of little ol' T-Bone. Please be gentle, this LS comes after stops at Zocalo, Flannery’s, then concluded with a couple/few Great Lakes Moondogs (my new favorite beverage) at Winking Lizard.

But to first touch on the comments since Paul’s last post…

  • a) I’ve been on the FireFox bandwagon for the past 3 years. If you’re still using Internet Explorer, you’re silly.
  • b) Vin Scully is the bomb diggity. Due to STO’s technical difficulties Friday night, I also was able to take in most of the game with Vin telling the story. Within the first 30 seconds of switching over to the Fox Sports Cali broadcast, as Vin went into a story dating back to Ebbets Field, I knew I was in love. And CSUSI, I too learned more about the Tribe players in that couple hours than I have in the past 5 years. I agree that he must have a lot of interns looking up info for him, but he ran with it and there was never a dull moment with him calling the game. Sure, there were a few miscues here or there the deeper we got into the game (ala Herb Score’s last few years), but for the most part, it was amazing to listen to, and it furthered my… loathing of Mr. Underwood’s work. Sorry, Matt.

Alas, let’s get to the LS. And trust me, it’s going to get pretty lazy, pretty quick…

I don’t get the PD, but upon strolling into the Winking Lizard restroom, above the urinal I saw that the Plain Dealer turned their Sunday sports page into an Omar Vizquel tribute, as Omar makes his return to the corner of Carnegie and Ontario this Tuesday. Bills Livingston (cover story) and Lubinger talk about the greatest shortstop I’ve ever seen, and links to their 2004 Omar tribute page. Here’s what Omar has done in San Fran. In a related note, here’s T.Pluto piling on Jhonny.

Also in the PD, here’s an article about the newest member of the Tribe, Sal Fasano. Unfortunately, Sal arrived sans awesome mustache. Hopefully he gets that going soon.

I don’t feel like linking to Sheldon.

I only link to the Morning Journal because a MJ truck passed me on I-90 west (well over the speed limit, mind you) on my way home out of downtown.

Ken Rosenthal talked in the FOX pre-game on Saturday about the Tribe trading CC, and wrote about it here.

I close giving mad props to the Bernie Kosar-lead Cleveland Gladiators, who clinched an Arena Football League playoff spot in their inaugural season at the Q. In 2007, in Las Vegas, the Gladiators went 2-14, averaging 5,383 fans. Upon moving to the Great Erie Coast in 2008, the Gladiators have compiled a 9-7 record, averaging 14,031 a game, and are hosting a home playoff game against the Gruden-lead Orlando Predators. Obviously, everything BK touches turns to gold. I attended the playoff-clinching victory Saturday night, and although I couldn’t get my BK bobblehead due to the fact that the bobblehead shipment was stuck in Colorado because of the Midwest floods, it was a great night nonetheless. Gladiators HQ, I will be there on July 1st with my voucher to pick up my BK bobblehead… receding hairline and all.

OK, time for bed for this guy. Sorry for the half-arsed version of LS, our fearless leader will be back at it soon.

Oh, and if you didn’t catch C.C. hitting it out of Dodger Stadium on Saturday, check it. Does anyone else wonder if it wouldn’t be worth trying him over Dellucci at DH???

EDIT: Here's a link to Castro's story on the bomb, and also a nicer, bigger, cleaner clip.


R.M. Jennings said...

I can't get enough of C.C.'s HR. Seriously. I keep the highlight video in a tab on Firefox (absloutely right, TB), and I've watched it about four times a day for the last three days. Take a look at that swing. He puts every ounce of his massive being into it, so it's no wonder it goes 440 feet. Two other quick notes:

1. C.C. was one of two Indians (the other being Kelly Shoppach) to go deep at Chavez Ravine.
2. C.C. Sabathia now has one more home run than the guy whom the Indians batted cleanup most of the season.

Yeah, I was bummed when Mr. Fasano didn't have the 'stache. Isn't that why they traded Max Ramirez for him?

t-bone said...

The aforementioned highlight RMJ mentioned is now linked at the end of LS. Thanks for that, RMJ!

Rockdawg said...

T-Bone...nice job on the LS...didn't find it too lazy at all, I am getting a little sick of Sheldon lately, even though I still think he is OK overall.

Koufus to the Cavs??

Anonymous said...
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Cy Slapnicka said...

to all of you computer wizards, thank you for the browser recommendations. perhaps you can now suggest other useful things to us like cell phones and (gasp!) the internet?

csusi said...
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csusi said...

so, asdrubal in his last 10 games is batting .429.

you guys think its too early to get him back in the mix, or do you think he needs some more time down there while carroll does the job for us?

i personally have liked the play of carroll at 2nd. what i would give to see him in the leadoff spot though.

[what do you think wedge?]
-oh wait, that would make too much sense. sorry to bother you with anything that resembles a good idea.

t-bone said...

also remember that as PC mentioned last week, asdrubal is primarily playing SS down in buffalo. well, i just looked up the box scores... "primarily" is an understatement. he's been down there for 13 games, and has started at short in 12 of them. and as you said, he's hitting leadoff down there. it'll be interesting how this one plays out...

Anonymous said... are welcome...but I doubt that those cell phone things will ever really catch on...and did you know that they have the internet on computers now?