Sunday, June 15, 2008

LS in the Waukee

Sitting in the Milwaukee, sipping some Spotted Cow (which, if you’re ever in Milwaukee…just order it wherever you go), it’s time for a quick run around a LS before we watch “Tiger Tiger Woods, y’all” take a run at this thing at Torrey Pines and try to get the image of K2 (the other one) out of our heads from Saturday night.

First off, Ron Vallo of Tribe Fan in Yankeeland comes strong (as always) with a theory on the differing views of the 2008 Indians’ season from the differing perspectives of age groups. It certainly makes a compelling argument, though this 31-year-old got hooked on the Tribe thanks to the likes of Pat Tabler and Brook Jacoby and spent much of the late 1990’s wondering where the party was and whether girls would be there, with the juggernaut Tribe taking up only a piece of my adolescent brain. Regardless, I think there’s something to it as most Tribe fans who lived through the lean times (and it was a LONG time) draw immediate corollaries to disappointing teams of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s before considering the more immediate past. I suppose it raises the age-old question of whether ignorance is truly bliss or whether experience gained is more valuable in the enjoyment and analysis of a situation.
Me? I’m going to enjoying my half-full glass.

Somewhat related, Joe Posnanski has a brilliant (and I mean, utterly brilliant) piece on the rise and fall of Super Joe Charboneau, told against the backdrop of being a Clevelander, and a wide-eyed 13-year-old Clevelander at that, which puts into better perspective than I think I ever could. It so perfectly encapsulates what I imagine so many of our childhoods to be like, with our own Joe Charboneaus giving us hope, and often false hope…just go read it.

Some props come from Mike Harrington, who covers the Buffalo Bisons for the Buffalo News and also writes his “Inside Pitch” blog (which has been up on the sidebar for some time). One of the more disappointing effects of the Indians (probably) moving their AAA affiliate to Columbus next year (OK, there’s no probably about it) is that Harrington won’t remain the go-to source that he has become for all thing related to the Bisons, as well as providing an insightful perspective on the Tribe from outside the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan area. My dad, who often spends weekends up in Lake Chautauqua, is constantly referencing Harrington on Sundays and Mondays as to the pulse of the Indians…seen from the environs of Dunn Tire Park, so unless the Harrington continues to follow the Tribe or follow Jim Rosenhaus West on I-90 to cover the parent club (fingers crossed), we’ll have to visit the old “Inside Pitch” for Harrington’s general baseball takes, which figure to become decidedly less and less Indians-centric as the 2009 season dawns.
By the way, as per serial poster Cy Slapnicka, The “I’m Big in Buffalo” t-shirt is already en route.

From the fishwraps today, Terry Pluto jumps on the “play Marte against LHP” discussion that sounds vaguely familiar, and Sheldon Ocker touches on the reporting of injuries (or lack thereof) and believes that all of the cloak-and-dagger handling of players’ injuries is counterproductive and benefits no one.

And, oh yeah…um…you guys over there…in the bullpen.
How about a little help here?


Les Savy Ferd said...

heck yes, New Glarus beer. As a chicagoan tribe expatriate (originally from Western NY) me and the missus never failed to bring a couple of cases of New Glarus Beer back from Wisconsin on our Summer trips north, Spotted Cow being only one of their many good to freaking awesome brews.

also, the tribe are winning.

Go Tribe!!!

Cy Slapnicka said...

i second that. cheese curds and New Glarus beer are my two favorite things about wisconsin.

totally off topic, but if you saw the movie Once and enjoyed the music, i cannot more highly recommend catching the Swell Season tour. If you are Chicago based, there are two more shows left at the Chicago Theatre...which might be the perfect venue for this show.

5.5 games back and Konerko to the DL? Sizemore on fire? I can't believe we haven't traded CC yet!?!

rodells said...

Very few think it's time to trade CC.

Add this to your burning obsession:

"The Indians are "thoroughly scouting" eight teams that may be interested in C.C. Sabathia, including the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, and Dodgers (the Mets may be another). Gammons agrees with Ken Rosenthal that Mark Shapiro may trade Sabathia soon to maximize his value. Gammons does not see the Yanks jumping in with Phil Hughes or a multi-prospect offer, unless Chien-Ming Wang's injury forces their hand. He does not think the Cubs or Phillies have the goods, but suggests the Rangers as a dark horse."

I'll beg to differ with Rosenthal and Gammons....BUT I'm VERY glad to hear Tribe management is doing their job (assuming the scouting part is true).

max n. said...

i'm a yankees fan. what would you guys want for c.c , if you want to trade him? we need to replace wang and it's desperate. how bout ian kennedy, melky cabrera and a prospect?

csusi said...

I tell you what, if the trade is made with Texas, that could be real interesting. They've got a few players that id love to have over in Cleveland.

I just dont like what we might be getting from the Yankees for CC.

Ron Vallo said...

max n.

how 'bout no!

cabrera's overrated. I think kennedy will prove to be too.

start with either hughes or cano and then add a few guys. or maybe hughes, cano and a solid prospect for CC and barfield.

Rockdawg said...

Wow, I go to Myrtle beach for a weekend and miss some high tensions in the forum. Does anyone HONESTLY think the Yanks will deal Hughes and/or Joba? No way that happens, even with Wang on the DL.

Last three series == Split, win, win. Let's keep this going against Colorado!!

Unrelated side note...Pearl Jam is the best band in the world. Their show last night in Columbia, SC was the opposite of The Close...Completely awesome!

Steve said...


Picking up a 3rd Baseman. Wonder if this is the first step toward something else?

csusi said...

a bit of a punch in the face towards marte dont you think? but, at the same time that poor guy is battered and bruised from the number of slaps he's taken this year.

and what do you guys think. do you get slightly nervous when you hear talks about trading cc for possible "prospects". the idea of trading for prospects is always a scary scenario for me. just for the simple truth that your trading away somebody that is "proven" in the hope that your getting in return somebody that can "prove" themselves. i know that sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesnt. but, ive always been one to think the gamble is just too much to go forth on.

Tyler said...

Hey, Max, I doubt Kennedy would get it done. He hasn't shown success against major leaguers yet, and his minor league career, though very good, doesn't necessarily demonstrate that he will. (Remember -- the Indians would be loading for 2009 with this trade.) A Hughes-based package strikes me as much more likely; Cano seems like more than the Yankees should pay, but you never know I guess. I'm a Melky supporter -- people forget how young he is to do what he's doing -- but the Indians are pretty well-stocked with rangy, gap-hitting outfielders right now.

Paul, if you can find the Leine's Summer Shady or any of the weisses on tap...let me tell you, that is summer in a glass.

Cy Slapnicka said...

its june 17th and we are 5.5 out, thats what i think.

tell ya what, i'm certainly glad i'm not living on a machine ready to come out of my coma with you douche bags standing next to the plug. "can we pull it now, doc? how 'bout now? okay, i'll wait. would it be too early to ask if now was the right time again? how 'bout now?"

well, except for the baltimorian. he'd pull it without asking b/c of this

Paul Cousineau said...

The DiaBride LIVES on the Shandy in the summer (OK, I shouldn't say "LIVES") and scours Cleveland stores for it once her sister tells her it's out in Milwaukee.

They just added a Leinie booth in CF/RF at The Jake that has Leinie on tap...that is living.

Also had a "312" from Goose Island this weekend.
Very tasty.

Baltimoran said...

cy, everytime you link to that, the tribe slumps...not to mention that they didn't win a game in the playoffs last october after you got me...that's right jerk, you cost cleveland a world series by rally pieing me, hiding a dirty diaper in your car was not enough payback

Cy Slapnicka said...

perhaps if i rally pied you with a dirty diaper we could reverse this curse?

Halifax said...

CSUSI - From Texas? Who? Milton Bradley?

They picked up Morgan Ensberg because that's what they do, scour around and pick up spare parts "just in case", you know, they hit it big and get lucky. The Indians are like those sucker fish that people put in the fish tank to keep it clean.

And as far as CC for prospects -- what's risky about that if he's gone after this year anyway and they are out of the race? (which they currently are not)

csusi said...
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csusi said...

from texas- it was more of me saying if they could work something out, they have quite a few players id put on our team. cant say im on the milton bradley train, that guy would seemingly be a disaster in the dugout. that he's already proven. but, i think ian kinsler at 2nd is one of the most underrated players out there. i think david murphy for them is a masher and hasnt hit his potential yet. cj wilson, their closer: bring him on please. michael young, who i doubt the rangers would ever let go of, but can you imagine that guy at short for us.

and when it comes to the prospects comment. im saying its risky giving up a talent that you know for sure is good for some budding young kid that has yet to prove himself in the big leagues. id explain more, but i think its pretty self-explanatory.

rodells said...

Trading for prospects...using a player that 99.5% chance won't be here next year...if you think you are out of not risky. The difficult part usually is figuring out if you are still in contention or not. We're not at the point yet, but the time will come when a decision has to be made.

How about all the great news on our injured players, especially Fausto? This is the suck.