Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lazy Sunday on the Sunny Side of .500

A late and quick Lazy Lazy as the cobwebs are still fluttering around after a Bachelor Party in the Bleachers last night (plus…um…going out afterward) gave way to the Indians game/Ryder Cup, followed by some debacle in Baltimore. So yeah, I spent a lot of time on the couch today – and with The DiaBride’s Packers lining up for SNF, it looks to be more of the same.

Nevertheless, we’re off...
Terry Pluto touches on the idea that Jenny Lew may have established himself as a viable option for closer next year, as well as touching on Betancourt possibly rebounding for 2009 and essentially saying that Masa Kobayashi has been a bust. While I’m with Pluto that Stomp Lewis certainly has established that he has the ability to close, let’s get some more arms out there – particularly ones with closing or back-end experience.

On a wildly related note, the official “Atom Miller is going to the bullpen in 2009” proclamation was released this week. I’m hopeful that The Atomic One is all he’s cracked up to be and the mention of him as a possible closer isn’t just wishful thinking, but let’s see the kid stay healthy for more than a few months before he’s anointed any kind of savior for the bullpen.

To close out the bullpen for 2009 discussion for the day, Shelly Ocker adds little to the conversation that wasn’t already known – but here’s the link if you have the extra time.
I still think that the name that’s added isn’t going to be one of the names Ocker lists (although Beimel and Cruz are intriguing) as I think that they’re looking for a guy who has a couple years of success under his belt with SOME history of closing. We don’t necessarily have to add the single-season record holder for saves if he’s going to cost too much. Guys like Scott Downs, Beimel, Dan Wheeler, and Cruz are much more appealing to me as they’ve been solid bullpen guys for a few years, with some history of closing, and have every chance as being as successful as the K-Rod’s or Fuentes’ available out there.

Elsewhere, Tony’s Lastoria comes through with a plethora of information in his latest, including a blurb from Ross Atkins on Matt LaPorta, saying that LaPorta was the best player on the field in the AA playoffs that just wrapped up. Lastoria also has his usual quotes from the likes of John Mirabelli, etc. on some of the more exciting prospects on the farm.

Back to the LaPorta comment, does anyone else see a scenario playing out next year where LaPorta starts in AAA, splitting playing time between 1B and LF? That way, if he excels out of the box he’d be ready to step into two of the more tenuous positions going into 2009, those that figure to be filled (at this point) by Garko and Francisco. If Garko or Francisco struggle out of the box, either can be sent down to Columbus and replaced by LaPorta in the same manner that the Brewers promoted Ryan Braun after he got into a rhythm in AAA a few years ago.

On the topic of the Brewers, Paul Hoynes mentions AGAIN that the Brewers will get to pick the PTBNL if they fail to make the playoffs, which is looking more and more likely as each day passes. The Indians have neither confirmed or denied that report, but Hoynes is sticking with it.

From the national perspective, Ken Rosenthal has taken note of the Tribe having the best record in the AL Central over the last 6 weeks and mentions that innings and pitches seem to be catching up with a certain Hefty Lefty.

That’s all I’ve got – now off to watch The Pack try to tame The Boys and start the clock on The Romeo Crennel Death Watch before hitting the hay.

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Joshua Whitman said...

Indians and Browns both officially eliminated from the playoffs on the same day!

Does anyone know if that has every happened before?