Saturday, February 28, 2009

Steady Bombin'

The Indians finally pulled out a Cactus League victory yesterday, thanks to Vic hitting as many HR in one February afternoon as he hit all of last year and, while these don't count for much, it is awfully nice to see some balls jump off of Victor's bat.

As usual, Larry Jones of Lazy Lightning Media was there and just happened to catch Vic in action as well as getting a shot of The Frisco Kid going yard as well, among other shots.

I hope everyone enjoys seeing these shots as much as I do:

Pictures are property of Lazy Lightning Media, all rights reserved.


A.G.B said...

Wow, these pictures just get more and more incredible. There is nothing quite like a still frame of a homerun swing.

Cy Slapnicka said...

okay, this latest picture of fausto has me concerned that they'll remake the movie "What Lies Beneath" and have it be about Fausto's. Larry, please get a picture of a topless Fausto or in an under armor compression shirt or something. I'm really starting to get concerned about all the fabric and what its hiding.