Thursday, February 05, 2009

Up On The Roof

With everyone thinking of warmer days, I thought that I would pass along something that longtime reader Ryan Naufel informed me of regarding the weekend series in Wrigley that many Tribe fans are considering making a trip for. Ryan tells me that Mickey’s Bar and Patio in Chicago (a bar that is a place where Browns’ Backers congregate and where Cavs’ games are highlighted) has reserved a rooftop party for 170 Tribe fans for the Saturday game on June 20th.

It will be on the rooftop of the building that says “Eamus Catuli” on the front of it that’s on Sheffield Avenue, looking over right field, and costs $160 for a ticket, which includes a huge spread of food, beer, wine, and soft drinks (hard liquor not allowed). If you’re interested, the guy that’s organizing it is Jake Wilkoff, who can be reached via e-mail at and he’s looking for an e-mail showing interest by tomorrow (2/6/09…sorry this came to me so late) and a commitment by next Friday (2/13/09) so he can get his numbers together.

The weekend promises to be a BIG party (my brother-in-law is working on tickets as I’m unlikely to be doing this rooftop thing, which does sound awesome), so as we get closer to that weekend, I may lean on some Chicagoans to figure out a meeting spot where the Friends of the Feather (or at least people who visit this site) can meet up at some point before or after Saturday’s game.

Isn’t it nice to think of sitting in Wrigley (or across the street on a rooftop), sipping Old Style before heading home to run the snowblower…again.


Cy Slapnicka said...

i've got a soft spot in my heart for sheffield's. pc, thats the outdoor area we met at this past summer.

Unknown said...


We definitely need to meet up when you're here.


GM-Carson said...
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Anonymous said...

I mean, why WOULDN'T my sister choose that weekend to get married...

Les Savy Ferd said...

My two best friends in Chicago who are cubs fans said they're getting tickets for the Friday tilt. I've gone to a great many Cubs games with them and they are baseball fans first and foremost. Hell, the one dude's bachelor party began at Wrigley.

So I already have some allegiances there I'm afraid. But that party does sound awesome. This city has more than a handful of tribe supporters to fill that rooftop, should be a fun weekend.

Unknown said...

Hey everybody, its Jake from Mickeys Dawg Pound of Mickeys bar and patio. I would like to say that I am a Clevelander and I dont even work for Mickeys. I just wanted to start a browns backers and have fun with other Cleveland fans. Thanks to Paul and Ryan for putting the post about the rooftop up. I do greatly appreciate it. Mickeys will be having a warm up party that Friday night 6/19 for people coming into town for the game the next day or for celebrating another tribe win after the afternoon game at Wrigley. So that could be a good place to meet up the night before the game and to pick up your tickets. Ryan turned me on to this blog a couple of months ago and I really enjoy it. Thanks again Paul, keep it up and GO TRIBE!!!

Paul Cousineau said...

Sheffield's is a good spot with good beer and a nice outdoor garden that's definitely a place that people could meet up without the maelstrom atmosphere of, say, a Murphy's. This time, I'm going to make sure I don't park 4 blocks away from Wrigley on the OPPOSITE side of Sheffield's so my group doesn't walk 4 blocks, pass Wrigley (with the obligatory "I thought we were going to a baseball game" smart-ass comments), then walk another 3 blocks to Sheffield's with the comments just getting worse with each passing block.

That being said, Sheffield's is as fine with me as any. Maybe The DiaTribe Facebook page will finally find a purpose in all of this.

Brick and LSF,
No question that you'll be expected to be at some event where we can all finally meet.

How close are you to your sister?
No...seriously. The Tribe AT WRIGLEY...over a WEEKEND!

cheech99 said...

Hey guys... Never posted on the DiaTribe before but fairly frequent poster on the LGT. I'm over in Roscoe Village at Belmont and Damen... basically telling all Cleveland friends to consider June 19th/20th/21st to be an open house at my place.

I'll keep track of where any big gathering would be (a la Sheffields's), but won't be doing the rooftop thing.

Cy Slapnicka said...

Whatever we decide as the meetup point, I do believe we need to take it over. Collectively, we all will know enough tribe fans in town that weekend that we'll be able to lay claim to a bar...preferably one that servers Burning River.