Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Other Jake in Progress

Lest anyone think that I'm shamelessly plugging the new John Stamos sitcom (which I can sum up in one sentence: Unbelievably hot girls can't resist Stamos' smirk and charm - chaos ensues.),

I am not. I'm referring to Jake Westbrook. At the beginning of the game, it looked like the Twins were swinging early, knowing that Jake puts it over the plate-making pretty solid contact. Then he had his high throw into center, and suddenly started mowing 'em down. He stayed pitch for pitch with Santana (no easy task) and really had his sink going in the middle of the game. It seems that Westbrook really responds well to adversity and buckles down when things get tough. Let's hope that C.C. and Jason Dangerously (Davis), who seem to get very agitated and unglued when things go wrong, use Westbrook's ability to deal as an example to follow.

Watching Grady "Super" Sizemore (say it out loud, while thinking of Extra Value Meals), it makes me hope that Gonzo's hammy stays tweaked. The comparison of Sizemore to Erstad (which I heard when he was coming up) doesn't do justice to the potential completeness of Grady's game that he shows flashes of.

I hope that the Jose Hernandez in the 3 spot experiment has one test case. I know he kills left handed pitching (allegedly), but he whiffed 3 times, and looked bad each time doing it.

As I said in past reports, the Central should be tight all year, which I'm really looking forward to.

Honey Peralta (the J is silent as far as I'm concerned) has looked a lot more comfortable at short in the past few games. To quote the the great 80's poet, "All we need is just a little patience...patience."

Time to watch the Tribe in a rare day Saturday game, something there should be a LOT more of.

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