Saturday, June 18, 2005

Boom Goes the Dynamite!

A 10 run third keyed the Tribe's 7th straight win, all over NL West opponents. Clifton Phifer didn't have his best stuff going but, as usual, Lee scrapped his way through his start to get the W. Lee is now 8-3 and making a strong push for the All Star squad (after being passed over in 2004), but the more important thing to watch is if he can continue this torrid pace in the second half, which he certainly did not accomplish last year.

The offense looked great last night, with the new catchphrase "Keep the Line Moving" (apparently replacing "One Through Nine") philosophy keeping the Tribe bats smoking. I'll consider voting for Derek Shelton for mayor in November if this keeps up.

Over 3,000 walk-ups last night indicate that the town may be getting on board. I haven't seen a Tribe hat on the Moses Cleaveland statue, but let's be patient. As the manager formerly known as Magnum P.I. has stated, "It's still early."

Brett Butler was in the Jake last night as the Snakes' 1st Base Coach, causing me to reflect on the scrappy outfielder's 3 year tenure with the Tribe ('84-'86). Butler was a fan favorite in the midst of the Dark Days ('84-'89), and got out before things really bottomed out.

Interestingly, Butler was not named one of the Top 100 Indians of All Time in 2001, causing me to wonder how many players that played during the aforementioned Dark Days, from 1984 to 1989, actually made that list. So, without further ado, here it is: Candiotti, Carter, Franco, Jacoby, Jones (of the Special Delivery variety), and Tabler. Thornton and Hargrove also were in that timeframe, but I wouldn't include them in that whole "Indian Uprising" Era that dominated my youth. How anyone who grew up during those years in Cleveland remains a Tribe fan is a minor miracle.

Speaking of "Indian Uprising", I saw a fan at the Jake on Thursday who had the jersey that the White Knight and Carter wore on the SI 1987 Season Preview cover. It's the same jersey worn in Major League, with the block "INDIANS" on the front and the racing stripes going up the sleeves. I've been looking for that jersey online for 3 years, trying in vain to have a "Tabler 10" made. He was too far away for me to become that creepy stranger, asking breathlessly where he got his jersey.

Your Boy Elarton goes against B-Webb tonight, so we'll see if this streak is truly meant to last.


Anonymous said...

few things:

- gammons is back on the wagon:

- i was quite disappointed at the crowd friday night. i was one of the walk-ups PC described before, but i have no idea why there werent more than 23k and change there. game time temp was almost 70 and almost ideal conditions with a team that is just beating the snot out of people lately (then went on to put up a 10 spot in the third). oh well, the bosox series and and reds series will get that place full.

- good to have PC lace up for the brown and yellow, but when is range going to start hitting? (

- had planned on going to today's game as well (sunday) but got duped into work. love working for the family. i think we are the bluths.

- can we have a vote as to what got this streak going? the shaving of the mustache or the firing of Eddie?

- slim is really leading the league in saves???

going back over PC's last few posts:
- i too was amazed to hear brett butler's name. he was my favorite in his years here.

- JC on our softball team just got a carmen castillo authetic game-worn jersey from that era.

- if i hear you again talk of falling out of contention and who to trade off, i may punch you in the face?

- CC is definitely not an ace. if all i ready about millwood is true, he's definitely the silent leader of this group.

- i dont understand comparisons of THIS year's teams to the "major league" squad. this is a team we've watched get put together and come along and add a piece here or there, not a team that was thrown together of pieces-parts this off-season.

- sox may indeed have something special going, boy was i ticked while scoreboard watching all night to see them put up 4 in the bottom of the 9th last night. we may just have to blow everyone out of the water for the wildcard.

Anonymous said...

amazing the tribe did not crumble under the mike swyt jinx...hopefully a big sunday crowd will help keep it going

PC, as one of the only experts i know of on the movie version "charlie and the Choclate Factory", i'm curious to hear your views on the remake...did they need too? Can Depp pull off Willy Wanker?
I know i watched it with you at least 5 times at St. M & M's (every June), and your 37 minute song about it at OSU leads me to believe you've seen it many more times, your 2 other tracks ("chubby chief Wahoo" and Drunkavon's favorite "Nazi Homosexual Eskimo") were far less detailed.

go tribe

Cy Slapnicka said...

oh boy, pulled from the clouded memory bank, chubby chief wahoo! PC, you were Tenacious D before they were an inkling in jack black's eye. next time i see you, a guitar will be in tow.

notes from saturday:
-did anyone hear hamilton's call of casey blake's catch? they were laying into him today on 1100. good stuff. at the game, i half expected him to come up with the ball, bertman's on his jersey, a beer, and a hand full of pesos.
-how can only 28k head to the game on a beautiful saturday night with fireworks after? seriously, am i going to have to camp out on the goodyear billboard on I77 to get some support? maybe not, we wants fans, not parma and all its mullitude.
-in the second inning i noticed a man sitting a few rows in front of me in serious need of a neck trim. mister kunchik and i both randomly went to the game and ended up sitting 10 feet from each other. there was much rejoicing
-the apple fries they mention on the mistake by the lake blog are tasty, but 1 full order is a bit too much
-in the top of the 9th, my lovely fiance turned to me and asked me, "so who's winning?"
-my future father-in-law has a scooter, so we were in the last row handicapped seating in right field. well, the idiots that run the jake have decided that folks at the game with wheels can either move the handicapped seat and sit in their wheelchair/scooter or sit in the seat and check in their wheels at guest services (behind home plate). now, if thats not a slap in the face to these fans, i don't know what is. anyone that has ever sat in either of those modes of transportation can tell you they aren't very comfortable. so by choosing to sit in the ballpark seat, you have to check in your method by which you'll piss in on the other side of the park? it took like 3 ushers to get this through their thick heads that he was going to sit in a chair and keep his wheels there or we were going to get very upset. i'm half tempted to write the indians and/or PD a letter. what a dumb policy.
-loved the batters eye bar concept. didn't go there, but standing room only seats and scoring a front table there is in my future.

as for today, how disappointed were all of you after today's game when on the radio they were talking about the dad's playing catch on the field. great promotion. i heard John Kinsella even showed up to "have a catch" with his son Ray. James Earl Jones kept trying to walk through the outfield wall.

Cy Slapnicka said...

btw, tb...i think its the mustache. found a funny site

Anonymous said...

- still disappointed in the crowds (only 27k today)

- heard hammy's call live saturday night, i actually was away from the radio but heard him going nuts and by the time i got back to the deck they went to commercial and quite frankly, i expectected much more than what actually happened.

- sounds like our theme song for this year is "don't stop believin'," as it's been played in the clubhouse after games on numerous occasions now and the same on the post-game show on 1100. i dont mind that one bit.

steve perry

Anonymous said...

and i forgot to check back to that site since the first time i saw it a while back. awesome! i love that wedge and the tribe brass hate it.

Cy Slapnicka said...

boy, thank god i'm not a fireman or something important. all i can think about is the tribe, this is getting unhealthy. anyway, so i've been thinking about this RH bat situation. what if, and this is a big if, Boone keeps this up? I mean, lets forget his mendoza like average for april and may, as he's always been slow to heat up. that coupled with his rehab, maybe he just needed time? anyway, the point is, april and may being sunk costs, what IF he hits in the .290 range from here on out and hits 15-20 more bombs? can we live with that? i'm more concerned with right field. after a hot start, jody has cooled off and blake hasn't strung together more than a couple good games at all.

back to counting the minutes til 7:05...

Anonymous said...

I think boone and gerut need time, most guys who come back from major knee surgery need at least a few months to get reaclimated to the timing and other aspects of playing everyday...i know when i start playing kickball again after my 2nd acl, it will be weeks before i'm kicking with same reckless abandon that the kicken chickens are used too

i finally get too watch a game tonight

Paul Cousineau said...

I'll try to pound out a post tonight after the game (got tix for tonight, meaning I'll be at the next 3.) I've got a lot of scribbles in the notebook from the weekend.

You've gotta think that they'll be quite a few on hand tonight (I just hope there are more Tribe fans than Sawx fans).

Don't get me started on the Summer of Sequels, with Willy Wonka AND the Bad News Bears being remade this summer. What are they going to remake next...Teen Wolf?

I have to know where that Carmen Castillo jersey came from. E-Bay?

Anonymous said...

potential title for your next post