Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back in the Basement

After a long weekend in Denver (where we hit Coors Field and looked for reminders of John Elway to defile), it's nice to come back to a couple of solid games. It is amazing, though, how the Tribe continues to get no love nationally, which becomes apparent the moment one steps out of Northeast Ohio. The reaction that I got from most people who I was talking baseball with was akin to the lady at the party telling Jake Taylor, "I didn't know Cleveland still had a team."

Yet, I won't let the naysayers get me down tonight as the Tribe heads into a critical stretch of games against Minnesota and Oakland. This has been said many times before, but this could be the biggest stretch of games that they play all year. As we get closer to October, every series (and game, for that matter) is of utmost importance. And as long as the pitching remains stellar (how about Elarton and Lee?) and the hitting picks up a touch, the last 3 weeks of the season should be very entertaining and exciting.

While on vaco (with no access to the Internet), the Tribe called up Jeremy Guthrie (who will be available to throw some innings if a starter falters early) and Andrew Brown (who may be up to stay), while activating Art Rhodes. Those three, with the return of Matt Miller, allow the Indians enough arms for the stretch run. And this is all while letting the Bisons keep some top prospects (Davis & Carmona - and even adding Jeremy Sowers to the rotation) for the AAA playoffs. That's depth.

Ryan Garko and Jason Dubois also got to take the car ride on I-90, though neither should see real significant AB's. Garko may see action in a laugher just to get rid of some jitters, and Dubois will only get up if the Tribe really needs a K.

Victor Martinez was the subject of a Tim Kurkjian article in ESPN The Magazine, in which the Tribe's lineup was described as one of the game's "scariest" and The Stick's offensive numbers were favorably compared to Mike Piazza's in his heydey. To look at Vic's numbers since May 28 (when he was hitting .193), they are absolutely incredible.

I received the Season Ticket-Holder Playoff Packet in the mail today. For some perspective, my season tickets are in the Mezzanine section for 20 games. A partial package, but enough to be at the Jake fairly regularly. Without telling secrets, the 4 seats run $12 a game, so the math works out to less than $1K a year. My postseason packet indicated that those 4 seats for the 11 possible games of the playoffs (3 in the ALDS, 4 in the ALCS, 4 in the WS) run cost...wait for it...$3,440! I called our friends at the Indians, thinking there had been a miscalculation (it works out to $78 a seat!), but was told that it was correct. ALDS games are $25, ALCS are $55, WS are $140. And they'll sell them all, as if it's predetermined to go 7 games.

Now, do the Indians offer a special discount to season ticket holders or make only certain games available for season ticket-holders? NO! You have to buy the whole package, or you get shut out. If the Indians don't make the playoffs, the money is put towards the 2006 regular season (or the 2006, 2007, 2008, and part of 2009 for me). I was in college during the '90s, so I'm not sure if this is how it's always done, but it is curious.

Needless to say, I'll be passing on giving the Tribe nearly $3,500 to tie it up for the next four years. If the Tribe makes the playoffs, there's no question that I'll be first in line for tix, but there has to be some middle ground for the loyal fans of the Indians, and the current situation is certainly not the way to endear yourselves to a fickle fan base.

6-0 in the 8th. Go Devil Rays!


Cy Slapnicka said...

sounds like a question for pluto. no need to email bud shaw, that jerk doesn't respond. maybe i shouldn't have a followed up with "what, too busy sucking livingston's $#%& to respond?"

go tribe

t-bone said...

that's how it's always been done, pc.

Baltimoran said...

damon jones baby...we may be overpaying for him but i trust ferry, he's got to be smart he went to duke...which also means he is gay...not that there's anything wrong with that, right aaron

Baltimoran said...

granted, it was an afternoon makeup game, but even the AP writers are calling out tribe fans (there was a comment in the notes on how poor attendence was despite the playoff push and free tickets for kids)